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Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Drug Company
Address: 1150 Elijah McCoy Drive
City: Detroit   State: MI   ZIP: 48202-3344   Country: USA
Capellon Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Drug CompanyPharmaceutical Drug Companies ListCardinal Health Pharmaceutical Drug Company
Brand-name drugs list from pharmaceutical drug company Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Acetaminophen Tramadol Hydrochloride information Acetaminophen-Tramadol Hydrochlorideacetaminophen tramadol information acetaminophen-tramadol
Baclofen information Baclofenbaclofen information baclofen
Bendroflumethiazide Rauwolfia Serpentina information Bendroflumethiazide-Rauwolfia Serpentinabendroflumethiazide rauwolfia serpentina information bendroflumethiazide-rauwolfia serpentina
Carbamazepine information Carbamazepinecarbamazepine information carbamazepine
Chlorzoxazone information Chlorzoxazonechlorzoxazone information chlorzoxazone
Choline Magnesium Trisalicylate information Choline Magnesium Trisalicylatecholine salicylate magnesium salicylate information choline salicylate-magnesium salicylate
Clonazepam information Clonazepamclonazepam information clonazepam
Clozapine information Clozapineclozapine information clozapine
Dextromethorphan Guaifenesin LA information Dextromethorphan-Guaifenesin LAdextromethorphan guaifenesin information dextromethorphan-guaifenesin
Docusate Calcium information Docusate Calciumdocusate information docusate
Docusate Sodium Casanthranol information Docusate Sodium-Casanthranolcasanthranol docusate information casanthranol-docusate
Doxycycline Hyclate information Doxycycline Hyclatedoxycycline information doxycycline
Entaprin information Entaprinaspirin information aspirin
Flurbiprofen information Flurbiprofenflurbiprofen information flurbiprofen
Gemfibrozil information Gemfibrozilgemfibrozil information gemfibrozil
Guaifenesin LA information Guaifenesin LAguaifenesin information guaifenesin
Metformin Hydrochloride information Metformin Hydrochloridemetformin information metformin
Midrin information MidrinAPAP dichloralphenazone isometheptene information APAP/dichloralphenazone/isometheptene
Miraphen LA information Miraphen LAguaifenesin phenylpropanolamine information guaifenesin-phenylpropanolamine
Miraphen PSE information Miraphen PSEguaifenesin pseudoephedrine information guaifenesin-pseudoephedrine
Mirtazapine information Mirtazapinemirtazapine information mirtazapine
Nifedipine information NifedipineNIFEdipine information NIFEdipine
Oxaprozin information Oxaprozinoxaprozin information oxaprozin
Paromycin information Paromycinparomomycin information paromomycin
Salsalate information Salsalatesalsalate information salsalate
Surelac information Surelaclactase information lactase
Ticlopidine Hydrochloride information Ticlopidine Hydrochlorideticlopidine information ticlopidine
Tizanidine information Tizanidinetizanidine information tizanidine
Tramadol Hydrochloride information Tramadol Hydrochloridetramadol information tramadol
Yohimbine information Yohimbineyohimbine information yohimbine
Yohimbine Hydrochloride information Yohimbine Hydrochlorideyohimbine information yohimbine
Pharmaceutical Drug Companies
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Pharmaceutical Drug Company Calmoseptine Inc Pharmaceutical Drug Company Carlsbad Technology Inc
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Pharmaceutical Drug Company Cardinal Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Drug Company Cardinal Health
Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth: Healing for Mothers and Babies

Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth: Healing for Mothers and Babies

Author: Benig Mauger
Manufacturer: Healing Arts Press
Keywords: Gynecology
ISBN: 0892818964

Book description
A therapist and childbirth educator shows how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal birth trauma and preserve the health and well-being of mothers and babies. • Encourages mothers to reconnect with nature and spirit to heal old wounds and have deeply satisfying birth experiences. • Provides convincing evidence that prenatal and birth experiences have a lifelong effect on emotional health. • Fosters a close and abiding bond between mother and child.Have you had a birthing experience that fell short of your expectations? What was your mother's experience when she had you? Do you long for a deeper bond with your loved ones? In Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth…

Book review: Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth
This book is a must for anyone who has experienced a traumatic birth experience, or has a fear of birthing. I have had three hospital births that were complete medical managed experiences, very…
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