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Drug Manufacturing Companies List

index M
Magna Pharmaceuticals INC Magna Pharmaceuticals INCMedique Products Medique Products
Magno Humphries Inc Magno-Humphries IncMedirex Inc Medirex Inc
Major Pharmaceuticals Inc Major Pharmaceuticals IncMedisan Pharmaceuticals Inc Medisan Pharmaceuticals Inc
Mallinckrodt Medical Inc Mallinckrodt Medical IncMedisca Inc Medisca Inc
77 results were found for the drug manufacturing companies list.
Manufacturing Chemists Inc Manufacturing Chemists IncMedix Pharmaceuticals Americas Inc Medix Pharmaceuticals Americas Inc
Marin Pharmaceutical Marin PharmaceuticalMedPointe Healthcare Inc MedPointe Healthcare Inc
Marlex Pharmaceuticals Marlex PharmaceuticalsMedTech Inc MedTech Inc
Marlop Pharmaceuticals Inc Marlop Pharmaceuticals IncMedtronic Neurological Medtronic Neurological
Marnel Pharmaceuticals Inc Marnel Pharmaceuticals IncMenley and James Laboratories Inc Menley and James Laboratories Inc
Marsam Pharmaceuticals Inc Marsam Pharmaceuticals IncMentholatum Company, The Mentholatum Company, The
Martec Pharmaceuticals Inc Martec Pharmaceuticals IncMerck & Company Inc Merck & Company Inc
Martin Himmel Inc Martin Himmel IncMericon Industries Inc Mericon Industries Inc
Mas Laboratories Inc Mas Laboratories IncMeridian Medical Technologies Inc Meridian Medical Technologies Inc
Mason Distributors Inc Mason Distributors IncMeridian Pharmaceutical Inc Meridian Pharmaceutical Inc
Mason Pharmaceuticals Inc Mason Pharmaceuticals IncMerit Pharmaceuticals Merit Pharmaceuticals
Mayer Laboratories Mayer LaboratoriesMerrick Medicine Company Merrick Medicine Company
Mayne Pharma Inc Mayne Pharma IncMerz Pharmaceuticals Merz Pharmaceuticals
McGregor Pharmaceuticals Inc McGregor Pharmaceuticals IncMethapharm Inc Methapharm Inc
McGuff Pharmaceuticals Inc McGuff Pharmaceuticals IncMGI Pharma Inc MGI Pharma Inc
McKesson Drug Company McKesson Drug CompanyMidlothian Laboratories LLC Midlothian Laboratories LLC
McKesson Packaging Inc McKesson Packaging IncMidwest IV Midwest IV
McNeil Consumer Healthcare McNeil Consumer HealthcareMikart Inc Mikart Inc
McNeil, R.A., Company McNeil, R.A., CompanyMilance Laboratories Inc Milance Laboratories Inc
MCR American Pharmaceuticals Inc MCR American Pharmaceuticals IncMilex Products Milex Products
MD Pharmaceutical Inc MD Pharmaceutical IncMillennium Pharmaceuticals Inc Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc
ME Pharmaceuticals, div. of Vesco Inc ME Pharmaceuticals, div. of Vesco IncMiller Pharmacal Group Inc Miller Pharmacal Group Inc
Mead Johnson & Co Mead Johnson & CoMisemer Pharmaceuticals Inc Misemer Pharmaceuticals Inc
Med Tek Pharmaceuticals Inc Med Tek Pharmaceuticals IncMission Pharmacal Company Mission Pharmacal Company
Med Derm Pharmaceuticals Inc Med-Derm Pharmaceuticals IncMitchell, F. A., Co Inc Mitchell, F. A., Co Inc
Med Pro Inc Med-Pro IncMiza Miza Pharmaceuticals Miza Miza Pharmaceuticals
Medco Laboratories Medco LaboratoriesMonarch Pharmaceuticals Inc Monarch Pharmaceuticals Inc
Medefil Inc Medefil IncMonticello Drug Company Monticello Drug Company
Medeva Pharmaceuticals Inc Medeva Pharmaceuticals IncMoore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc Moore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc
Medi Hut Inc Medi-Hut IncMorton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc
Medi Plex Pharmaceuticals Inc Medi-Plex Pharmaceuticals IncMPM Medical Inc MPM Medical Inc
Medical Products Laboratories Inc Medical Products Laboratories IncMuro Pharmaceuticals Inc Muro Pharmaceuticals Inc
Medicine Shoppe Medicine ShoppeMylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc Mylan Bertek Pharmaceuticals Inc
Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation Medicis Pharmaceutical CorporationMylan Pharmaceuticals Inc Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc
Medimmune Inc Medimmune Inc 

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Visual Encyclopedia of Ovarian Histopathology on CDROM

Visual Encyclopedia of Ovarian Histopathology on CDROM

Author: Vladimir Bychkov
Manufacturer: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: Gynecology, manufacturing companies
ISBN: 1842141791

Book description
This CD-ROM contains over 200 images of ovarian histopathology with captions including a title of the lesion, special comments (where applicable) and differential diagnosis (where applicable). The program has the capacity to 'hide' the captions, and reveal the groups of lesions to be differentiated with the displayed image in the differential diagnosis. At the end of the program, there is a self-assessment questionnaire featuring the cases most difficult to diagnose correctly. The program is based on the author's original histological slides collected throughout his career as a pathologist and educator.
Oxford medical books: Update for the MRCP: Volume 1 (MRCP Study Guides), The Sensitive Gourmet: Imaginative Cooking Without Dairy, Wheat or Gluten, Caffeine Blues: Wake Up to the Hidden Dangers of America's #1 Drug, Culture of Epithelial Cells

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