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Drug Suppliers List

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SAB Pharma Inc SAB-Pharma IncSirius Laboratories Sirius Laboratories
Sage Pharmaceuticals Sage PharmaceuticalsSkinMedica Inc SkinMedica Inc
Salix Pharmaceuticals Salix PharmaceuticalsSmith & Nephew Wound Management Division Smith & Nephew Wound Management Division
Sandocare Divison Sandocare DivisonSolacium Inc Solacium Inc
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Sandoz Inc Sandoz IncSolo Pak Medical Products Inc Solo Pak Medical Products Inc
SangStat Medical Corporation SangStat Medical CorporationSolstice Neurosciences Solstice Neurosciences
Sankyo Pharma Sankyo PharmaSolvay Pharmaceuticals Inc Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sanofi Synthelabo Inc Sanofi-Synthelabo IncSomerset Pharmaceuticals Inc Somerset Pharmaceuticals Inc
Santarus Inc Santarus IncSource Naturals Source Naturals
Santen Inc Santen IncSouthwood Pharmaceuticals Inc Southwood Pharmaceuticals Inc
Sato Pharmaceuticals Sato PharmaceuticalsSpectrum Chemical Spectrum Chemical
Savage Laboratories Savage LaboratoriesSSS Company SSS Company
Savient Pharmaceuticals Savient PharmaceuticalsSt. Mary's MPP St. Mary's MPP
Scherer Laboratories Inc Scherer Laboratories IncStada Pharmaceuticals Inc Stada Pharmaceuticals Inc
Schering Plough Corporation Schering-Plough CorporationStafford Miller Stafford-Miller
Schering Plough Healthcare Products Schering-Plough Healthcare ProductsStar Pharmaceuticals Inc Star Pharmaceuticals Inc
Schwarz Pharma Schwarz PharmaStason Pharmaceuticals Inc Stason Pharmaceuticals Inc
Scientific Laboratories Inc Scientific Laboratories IncStellar Pharmacal Corporation Stellar Pharmacal Corporation
Scios Inc Scios IncSteris Laboratories Inc Steris Laboratories Inc
Sclavo Inc Sclavo IncStewart Jackson Pharmacal Inc Stewart-Jackson Pharmacal Inc
Scot Tussin Pharmacal Scot-Tussin PharmacalStiefel Laboratories Inc Stiefel Laboratories Inc
SDI Laboratories Inc SDI Laboratories IncStratus Pharmaceuticals Inc Stratus Pharmaceuticals Inc
Seatrace Pharmaceuticals Seatrace PharmaceuticalsSummers Laboratories Inc Summers Laboratories Inc
Seneca Pharmaceuticals Seneca PharmaceuticalsSummit Industries Summit Industries
Sepracor Inc Sepracor IncSummit Pharmaceuticals Summit Pharmaceuticals
Septodont Incorporated Septodont IncorporatedSuperGen Inc SuperGen Inc
Sequus Pharmaceuticals Inc Sequus Pharmaceuticals IncSuperior Pharmaceutical Company Superior Pharmaceutical Company
Serono Laboratories Inc Serono Laboratories IncSuppositoria Laboratories Inc Suppositoria Laboratories Inc
Shionogi Qualicaps Inc Shionogi Qualicaps IncSwiss America Swiss-America
Shire US Inc Shire US IncSyntex Laboratories Inc Syntex Laboratories Inc
SICOR Pharmaceuticals Inc SICOR Pharmaceuticals IncSynthon Pharmaceuticals Ltd Synthon Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Sigma Tau Pharmaceuticals Inc Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals IncSyosset Laboratories Company Syosset Laboratories Company
Silarx Pharmaceuticals Inc Silarx Pharmaceuticals Inc 

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Guidebook to Better Medical Writing

Guidebook to Better Medical Writing

Author: Robert L. Iles
Manufacturer: Iles Publications
Keywords: Medical, suppliers
ISBN: 0966183118

Book description
Guidebook to Better Medical Writing is the how-to book for those who want practical advice on writing journal articles, case reports, book chapters, books and scientific poster exhibits. It stems from the author's more than 30 years of writing and teaching others how to write these materials.The content is presented in a quick-to-grasp, logical progression with step-by-step directions, examples, checklists, tips and techniques. Topics included range from the basics of how to choose better words and how to write better sentences and paragraphs through how to choose the right journal, how to get more writing done and how to work successfully with journal editors and reviewers. The revised 2003…

Book review: excellnet
I must agree with all the three prior reviews. The author has an easygoing style that I greatly enjoyed learning from. The pages are small in size and the font is rather big; which allows to finish… Great guidelines, easy to follow and good explanations & examples. Also, debunks some of the grammatical rules that we were taught... "ending sentences w/ prepositions". Recommended reading for both…
Physicians drug reference books: Principles of Drug Therapy in Neurology (Contemporary Neurology Series), The 2007 Import and Export Market for Antibiotics Excluding Medicaments in Philippines, Crash Course (US): Neurology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Crash Course), Molecular Mechanisms of Phagocytosis

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