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Generic Drug Companies List

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B. Braun McGaw Inc B. Braun/ McGaw IncBiocodex Inc Biocodex Inc
Bajamar Chemical Company Inc Bajamar Chemical Company IncBiodevelopment Corporation Biodevelopment Corporation
Baker Cummins Dermatologicals Baker Cummins DermatologicalsBiogen Inc Biogen Inc
Baker Norton Pharmaceuticals Baker Norton PharmaceuticalsBioglan Pharmaceutical Inc Bioglan Pharmaceutical Inc
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Baker, J.T. Inc Baker, J.T. IncBioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc
Balan, J.J. Inc Balan, J.J. IncBioniche Pharma USA Inc Bioniche Pharma USA Inc
Ballard Medical Ballard MedicalBioport Corporation Bioport Corporation
Bard CR Bard CRBiovail Pharmaceuticals Inc Biovail Pharmaceuticals Inc
Baron Pharmaceutical Baron PharmaceuticalBirchwood Laboratories Birchwood Laboratories
Barr Laboratories Inc Barr Laboratories IncBird Corporation Bird Corporation
Barrier Therapeutics Barrier TherapeuticsBlaine Company Inc Blaine Company Inc
Bartor Pharmacal Co, Inc Bartor Pharmacal Co, IncBlairex Labs Inc Blairex Labs Inc
Basel Pharmaceuticals Basel PharmaceuticalsBlansett Pharmacal Company Inc Blansett Pharmacal Company Inc
Basic Vitamins Basic VitaminsBlistex Blistex
Bausch and Lomb Bausch and LombBlock Drug Company Block Drug Company
Baxter Healthcare Corporation Baxter Healthcare CorporationBlood Diagnostics Inc Blood Diagnostics Inc
Baxter Healthcare Hyland Immuno Baxter Healthcare/ Hyland ImmunoBoca Pharmacal Inc Boca Pharmacal Inc
Baxter I.V. Systems Division Baxter I.V. Systems DivisionBock Pharmacal Company Bock Pharmacal Company
Baxter Pharmaceutical Products, Inc Baxter Pharmaceutical Products, IncBoehringer Mannheim Boehringer Mannheim
Bayer Allergy Products Bayer Allergy ProductsBoehringer Ingelheim Boehringer-Ingelheim
Bayer Pharmaceutical Inc Bayer Pharmaceutical IncBolan Pharmaceutical Inc Bolan Pharmaceutical Inc
Beach Pharmaceuticals Beach PharmaceuticalsBone Care International Bone Care International
Becton Dickinson Consumer Products Becton Dickinson Consumer ProductsBoscogen Inc Boscogen Inc
Bedford Laboratories Bedford LaboratoriesBoudreaux's Butt Paste Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Beiersdorf Inc Beiersdorf IncBracco Diagnostics Inc Bracco Diagnostics Inc
Bergen Brunswig Drug Company Bergen Brunswig Drug CompanyBradley Pharmaceuticals Inc Bradley Pharmaceuticals Inc
Berlex Laboratories Berlex LaboratoriesBraintree Laboratories Braintree Laboratories
Berna Products Berna ProductsBreckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc Breckenridge Pharmaceutical Inc
Beta Dermaceuticals Inc Beta Dermaceuticals IncBrightstone Pharma Brightstone Pharma
Beutlich Pharmaceuticals Beutlich PharmaceuticalsBristol Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bio Pharm Inc Bio-Pharm IncBristol Myers Squibb Medical Imaging Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging
Bio Tech Pharmacal Inc Bio-Tech Pharmacal IncBryan Corporation Bryan Corporation

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Breastfeeding And HIV/Aids: The Research, the Politics, the Women's Responses

Breastfeeding And HIV/Aids: The Research, the Politics, the Women's Responses

Author: Edith White
Manufacturer: McFarland & Company
Keywords: Gynecology, generic companies
ISBN: 0786406941

Book description
The spread of the AIDS virus has introduced a new element into the formula-versus-breastfeeding controversy. Mothers, particularly those in developing nations, have been urged to breastfeed in order to better nourish their infants and protect them from disease or contaminants in the water used to prepare formula. Now, however, mothers and healthcare workers must consider the danger of transmitting AIDS via breastfeeding. When HIV-infected women nurse their children, they more than double the risk of transmitting the virus. The issue is further complicated in countries where the alternatives are not very promising and in cultures that stigmatize women for even undergoing AIDS testing. This…

Book review: Breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS: The Research, the Politics, the
The author of this book has thoroughly and systematically discussed the link between breastfeeding and transmission of HIV . The diverse spectrum of settings and cultures that have informed the… I found White's book to present many different points of view while it drew on a variety of disciplines. This book was a great overview on a topic that not many consider or know much about.
Veterinary medical books: Learning to Be You, It's an Inside Job: Recovery and Healing for the Loved Ones of the Substance-Addicted (Learning to Be You, It's an Inside Job), Diversified Health Occupations, 6E, Pediatric Neurology: A Case-Based Review, Structure-Based Study Of Viral Replication

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