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GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare

Drug Development Company
Address: P.O. Box 1467
City: Pittsburgh   State: PA   ZIP: 15230   Country: USA
GlaxoSmithKline Drug Development CompanyDrug Development Companies ListGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc Drug Development Company
Brand-name drugs list from drug development company GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
B. C. Powder information B. C. PowderASA caffeine salicylamide information ASA/caffeine/salicylamide
B. C. Powder Arthritis Strength information B. C. Powder Arthritis StrengthASA caffeine salicylamide information ASA/caffeine/salicylamide
Beano information Beanoalpha D galactosidase information alpha-D-galactosidase
Citrucel information Citrucelmethylcellulose information methylcellulose
Commit information Commitnicotine information nicotine
Contac Cold information Contac Coldpseudoephedrine information pseudoephedrine
Contac Cold and Flu Maximum Strength information Contac Cold and Flu Maximum StrengthAPAP chlorpheniramine dextromethorphan PSE information APAP/chlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/PSE
Contac Day and Night Allergy information Contac Day and Night AllergyAPAP diphenhydramine pseudoephedrine information APAP/diphenhydramine/pseudoephedrine
Contac Day and Night Cold and Flu information Contac Day and Night Cold and FluAPAP dextromethorphan diphenhydramine PSE information APAP/dextromethorphan/diphenhydramine/PSE
Contac Severe Cold and Flu Non Drowsy information Contac Severe Cold and Flu Non DrowsyAPAP dextromethorphan pseudoephedrine information APAP/dextromethorphan/pseudoephedrine
Denavir information Denavirpenciclovir topical information penciclovir topical
Ecotrin Adult Low Strength information Ecotrin Adult Low Strengthaspirin information aspirin
Nicoderm C Q information Nicoderm C-Qnicotine information nicotine
Nicoderm C Q Clear information Nicoderm C-Q Clearnicotine information nicotine
Nicorette information Nicorettenicotine information nicotine
Novahistine DH information Novahistine DHchlorpheniramine codeine pseudoephedrine information chlorpheniramine/codeine/pseudoephedrine
Novahistine Expectorant information Novahistine Expectorantcodeine guaifenesin PSE information codeine/guaifenesin/PSE
Os Cal Ultra information Os-Cal Ultramultivitamin with minerals information multivitamin with minerals
Phazyme Ultra information Phazyme Ultrasimethicone information simethicone
Stanback Analgesic information Stanback Analgesicaspirin information aspirin
Temovate information Temovateclobetasol topical information clobetasol topical
Temovate Emollient information Temovate Emollientclobetasol topical information clobetasol topical
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Wetland Plants: Biology and Ecology

Wetland Plants: Biology and Ecology

Authors: Julie K. Cronk, M. Siobhan Fennessy
Manufacturer: CRC
Keywords: Biology
ISBN: 1566703727

Book description
A detailed account of the biology and ecology of vascular wetland plants and their applications in wetland plant science, Wetland Plants: Biology and Ecology presents a synthesis of wetland plant studies and reviews from plant biology, plant physiology, evolution, genetics, community and population ecology, environmental science, and engineering. It contains up-to-date information for anyone planning research, writing grant proposals, or designing research protocols. Over 140 figures allow readers to visualize the concepts, and 40 tables give easy access to definitions and data. International examples provide a broad base of information.

Book review: easy reading, good reference
Scientific in nature, but still easy to read. An excellent reference for anyone beginning the study of wetlands. Includes one chapter on constructed/treatment wetlands.
Medical books store: First Aid Cases for the USMLE Step 1 (First Aid), Cladistics (The Systematics Association Series: Volume 10), Dermatology in General Medicine, 4/e, Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, Volume II

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