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Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals

Us Drug Company
Address: 135 Industrial Drive
City: Madison   State: MS   ZIP: 39110   Country: USA
Hawkins Pharmaceutical Group Us Drug CompanyUs Drug Companies ListHealth Care Products Us Drug Company
Brand-name drugs list from us drug company Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Atreza information Atrezaatropine information atropine
Cerovel information Cerovelurea topical information urea topical
Dytan information DytandiphenhydrAMINE information diphenhydrAMINE
Dytan CS information Dytan-CScarbetapentane diphenhydramine phenylephrine information carbetapentane/diphenhydramine/phenylephrine
Dytan D information Dytan-Ddiphenhydramine phenylephrine information diphenhydramine-phenylephrine
Dytan HC information Dytan-HCdiphenhydramine hydrocodone phenylephrine information diphenhydramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
H 9600 SR information H 9600 SRguaifenesin pseudoephedrine information guaifenesin-pseudoephedrine
Icar information Icarcarbonyl iron information carbonyl iron
Icar C information Icar Cmultivitamin information multivitamin
Icar Prenatal information Icar Prenatalmultivitamin, prenatal information multivitamin, prenatal
Icar Prenatal Chewable Calcium information Icar Prenatal Chewable Calciumcalcium carbonate information calcium carbonate
Icar Prenatal Essential Omega 3 information Icar Prenatal Essential Omega-3omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids information omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
Icar C Plus information Icar-C Plusmultivitamin with iron information multivitamin with iron
Icar C Plus SR information Icar-C Plus SRmultivitamin with iron information multivitamin with iron
Icare Prenatal Rx information Icare Prenatal Rxmultivitamin, prenatal information multivitamin, prenatal
Maldemar information Maldemarscopolamine information scopolamine
Mexar information Mexarsulfacetamide sodium topical information sulfacetamide sodium topical
Nasop information Nasopphenylephrine information phenylephrine
Pramotic information Pramoticchloroxylenol pramoxine otic information chloroxylenol-pramoxine otic
Suphera information Supherasulfacetamide sodium sulfur topical information sulfacetamide sodium-sulfur topical
Triant HC information Triant-HCchlorpheniramine hydrocodone phenylephrine information chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone/phenylephrine
Utira information Utirahyoscyamine methenam m blue phenyl salicyl information hyoscyamine/methenam/m-blue/phenyl salicyl
XiraHist information XiraHistcarbinoxamine phenylephrine information carbinoxamine-phenylephrine
XiraHistDM information XiraHistDMcarbinoxamine dextromethorphan phenylephrine information carbinoxamine/dextromethorphan/phenylephrine
XiraTuss information XiraTusscarbetapentane chlorpheniramine phenylephrine information carbetapentane/chlorpheniramine/phenylephrine
Xiral information Xiralchlorpheniramine methscopolamine PSE information chlorpheniramine/methscopolamine/PSE
Xpect information Xpectguaifenesin information guaifenesin
Xpect AT information Xpect-ATcarbetapentane guaifenesin information carbetapentane-guaifenesin
Xpect HC information Xpect-HCguaifenesin hydrocodone information guaifenesin-hydrocodone
Xpect PE information Xpect-PEguaifenesin phenylephrine information guaifenesin-phenylephrine
Zaclir information Zaclirbenzoyl peroxide topical information benzoyl peroxide topical
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Us Drug Company Hamilton Pharma Inc Us Drug Company Heartland Healthcare Services
Us Drug Company Harmony Laboratories Us Drug Company Heran Pharmaceutical Inc
Us Drug Company Harvest Pharmaceuticals Inc Us Drug Company Hercon Laboratories
Us Drug Company Hauser, A.F. Inc Us Drug Company Hawkins Pharmaceutical Group
Us Drug Company Health Products Corporation Us Drug Company Health Care Products
Operative Gynecologic Laparoscopy: Principles and Techniques

Operative Gynecologic Laparoscopy: Principles and Techniques

Author: Camran R. Nezhat
Manufacturer: Mcgraw-Hill (Tx)
Keywords: Gynecology
ISBN: 0071054227

Book description
This highly illustrated manual focuses on the basic topics involved with modern laparoscopic abdominal and pelvic surgery. Section I introduces the subject of operative laparoscopy, and covers topics including laparascopic and video equipment, lasers, electrosurgery and non-powered (cold) instruments. Section II operating room set-up, patient education, anesthesia, and complications. Section III covers the basic procedure of the endoscopic surgeon, through the use of line drawings. In a step-by-step fashion, you see diagnostic and surgical procedures in the lysis of adhesions, endometriosis, ovarian surgery, tubal surgery, ectopic pregnancy, uterine surgery, hysterectomy, oncology surgery…
Pharmacology text books: Female Genital Mutilation and Obstetric Care, High Risk Pregnancy: Textbook with CD-ROM, Molecular Biology Series CD-ROM, The Biology of Emerging Viruses

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