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Knoll Pharmaceutical Company

Drug Manufacturer
Address: 3000 Continental Drive North
City: Mount Olive   State: NJ   ZIP: 07828   Country: USA
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Brand-name drugs list from drug manufacturer Knoll Pharmaceutical Company
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Akineton HCl information Akineton HClbiperiden information biperiden
Allopurinol information Allopurinolallopurinol information allopurinol
Choloxin information Choloxindextrothyroxine sodium information dextrothyroxine sodium
Chymodiactin information Chymodiactinchymopapain information chymopapain
Codeine Sulfate information Codeine Sulfatecodeine information codeine
Dilaudid information Dilaudidhydromorphone information hydromorphone
Dilaudid Cough Syrup information Dilaudid Cough Syrupguaifenesin hydromorphone information guaifenesin-hydromorphone
Dilaudid 5 information Dilaudid-5hydromorphone information hydromorphone
Dilaudid HP information Dilaudid-HPhydromorphone information hydromorphone
E Mycin information E-Mycinerythromycin information erythromycin
Ibu information Ibuibuprofen information ibuprofen
Isoptin information Isoptinverapamil information verapamil
Isoptin I.V. information Isoptin I.V.verapamil information verapamil
Isoptin SR information Isoptin SRverapamil information verapamil
Lopurin information Lopurinallopurinol information allopurinol
Mavik information Maviktrandolapril information trandolapril
Meridia information Meridiasibutramine information sibutramine
Quadrinal information Quadrinalephedrine PB K iodide theophylline information ephedrine/PB/K iodide/theophylline
Ru Tuss DE information Ru Tuss DEguaifenesin pseudoephedrine information guaifenesin-pseudoephedrine
Ru Tuss information Ru-Tusschlorpheniramine phenylephrine information chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine
Ru Tuss Expectorant information Ru-Tuss Expectorantdextromethorphan guaifenesin pseudoephedrine information dextromethorphan/guaifenesin/pseudoephedrine
Ru Tuss with Hydrocodone information Ru-Tuss with Hydrocodonehydrocodone pheniramine PE PPA pyrilamine information hydrocodone/pheniramine/PE/PPA/pyrilamine
Rufen information Rufenibuprofen information ibuprofen
Rythmol information Rythmolpropafenone information propafenone
SSD information SSDsilver sulfADIAZINE topical information silver sulfADIAZINE topical
SSD AF information SSD AFsilver sulfADIAZINE topical information silver sulfADIAZINE topical
Santyl information Santylcollagenase topical information collagenase topical
Silver Sulfadiazine information Silver Sulfadiazinesilver sulfADIAZINE topical information silver sulfADIAZINE topical
Synthroid information Synthroidlevothyroxine information levothyroxine
Tarka information Tarkatrandolapril verapamil information trandolapril-verapamil
Travase information Travasesutilains topical information sutilains topical
Twin K information Twin-Kpotassium citrate information potassium citrate
Vicodin information Vicodinacetaminophen hydrocodone information acetaminophen-hydrocodone
Vicodin ES information Vicodin ESacetaminophen hydrocodone information acetaminophen-hydrocodone
Vicodin HP information Vicodin HPacetaminophen hydrocodone information acetaminophen-hydrocodone
Vicodin Tuss information Vicodin Tussguaifenesin hydrocodone information guaifenesin-hydrocodone
Vicoprofen information Vicoprofenhydrocodone ibuprofen information hydrocodone-ibuprofen
Zorprin information Zorprinaspirin information aspirin
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Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic Engineering (Crop Science) (Crop Science)

Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic Engineering (Crop Science) (Crop Science)

Manufacturer: Food Products Press
Keywords: Biology
ISBN: 1560229608

Book description
Up-to-date, accurate information on recent developments in crop protection! Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetic Engineering presents the latest developments in crop protection from fungal infection. Leading experts in botany, plant breeding, and plant pathology contribute their knowledge to help reduce and possibly prevent new outbreaks of devastating crop epidemics caused by fungi. With exciting new advances in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetic engineering, this informative book will help researchers, professors, and students further their understanding of plant defenses. Fungal Disease Resistance in Plants is your guide to…
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