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Pacific Pharma

Drug Maker
Address: 18600 Von Karman Avenue
City: Irvine   State: CA   ZIP: 92612   Country: USA
Oxford Pharmaceutical Services Drug MakerGeneric Drug Makers ListPaco Pharmaceutical Services, Inc Drug Maker
Brand-name drugs list from drug maker Pacific Pharma
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Cromolyn Sodium Ophthalmic information Cromolyn Sodium Ophthalmic cromolyn ophthalmic information cromolyn ophthalmic
Dipivefrin Hydrochloride information Dipivefrin Hydrochloride dipivefrin ophthalmic information dipivefrin ophthalmic
Fluorometholone information Fluorometholone fluorometholone ophthalmic information fluorometholone ophthalmic
Flurbiprofen Sodium, Ophthalmic information Flurbiprofen Sodium, Ophthalmic flurbiprofen ophthalmic information flurbiprofen ophthalmic
Gentamicin Sulfate, Ophthalmic information Gentamicin Sulfate, Ophthalmic gentamicin ophthalmic information gentamicin ophthalmic
Levobunolol Hydrochloride, Ophthalmic information Levobunolol Hydrochloride, Ophthalmic levobunolol ophthalmic information levobunolol ophthalmic
Polymyxin B Trimethoprim information Polymyxin B-Trimethoprim polymyxin B trimethoprim ophthalmic information polymyxin B-trimethoprim ophthalmic
PrednisoLONE Acetate, Ophthalmic information PrednisoLONE Acetate, Ophthalmic prednisoLONE ophthalmic information prednisoLONE ophthalmic
Timolol Maleate, Ophthalmic information Timolol Maleate, Ophthalmic timolol ophthalmic information timolol ophthalmic
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Fetal and Neonatal Secrets

Fetal and Neonatal Secrets

Authors: Richard A. Polin, Alan R. Spitzer
Manufacturer: Hanley & Belfus
Keywords: Gynecology
ISBN: 1560534249

Book description
This book provides a substantial knowledge base in fetal/neonatal medicine and a wealth of insight into the art and practice of neonatal medicine. Written by over 150 experts in neonatal medicine, this mini-textbook in question & answer format covers a wide range of disciplines such as cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, immunology, and nephrology.

Book review: great book
this is the ideal book to start your round in NICU espically for the new student or new rsidents. this book cover more than 90% of your round in NICU and any other neonatal unit. it dose not have the… Excellent primer for the NICU. Perfect for sub-I's and interns. Lots of pimp questions in this book. Next book to get would be the Work book by the same author.
Pharmaceutical books: Concise Encyclopedia of Biological Biomedical Measurement Systems (Advances in Systems Control and Information Engineering), The Science of Hair Care, Family Counseling and Therapy, Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis: An International Symposium Held During the Xiith European Congress of Rheumatology, Budapest, Hungary, 1991

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