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Paddock Laboratories Inc

Brand Name and Generic Drug Maker
Address: 3940 Quebec Avenue North
City: Minneapolis   State: MN   ZIP: 55427   Country: USA
Paco Pharmaceutical Services, Inc Drug MakerGeneric Drug Makers ListPalisades Pharmaceuticals Inc Drug Maker
Brand-name drugs list from brand name and generic drug maker Paddock Laboratories Inc
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Acetaminophen information Acetaminophen acetaminophen information acetaminophen
Actidose Plus Sorbitol information Actidose Plus Sorbitol charcoal sorbitol information charcoal-sorbitol
Actidose Aqua information Actidose-Aqua charcoal information charcoal
Activated Charcoal information Activated Charcoal charcoal information charcoal
Anthralin information Anthralin anthralin topical information anthralin topical
Aspirin information Aspirin aspirin information aspirin
Aspirin Enteric Coated information Aspirin Enteric Coated aspirin information aspirin
Bacitracin information Bacitracin bacitracin information bacitracin
Bacitracin, Topical information Bacitracin, Topical bacitracin topical information bacitracin topical
Benzocaine information Benzocaine benzocaine topical information benzocaine topical
Benzocaine Trimethobenzamide Adult information Benzocaine-Trimethobenzamide Adult benzocaine trimethobenzamide information benzocaine-trimethobenzamide
Benzocaine Trimethobenzamide Pediatric information Benzocaine-Trimethobenzamide Pediatric benzocaine trimethobenzamide information benzocaine-trimethobenzamide
Benzoin Compound information Benzoin Compound benzoin topical information benzoin topical
Betamethasone Valerate Powder information Betamethasone Valerate Powder betamethasone information betamethasone
Bisacodyl information Bisacodyl bisacodyl information bisacodyl
Bubbli Pred information Bubbli-Pred prednisoLONE information prednisoLONE
Castor Oil information Castor Oil castor oil information castor oil
Citric Acid information Citric Acid citric acid information citric acid
Clinda Derm information Clinda-Derm clindamycin topical information clindamycin topical
Clotrimazole Troche information Clotrimazole Troche clotrimazole information clotrimazole
Colistimethate Sodium information Colistimethate Sodium colistimethate information colistimethate
Colistin Sulfate information Colistin Sulfate colistin sulfate otic information colistin sulfate otic
Colocort information Colocort hydrocortisone information hydrocortisone
Compro information Compro prochlorperazine information prochlorperazine
Corn Starch information Corn Starch corn starch topical information corn starch topical
Dermabase information Dermabase emollients, topical information emollients, topical
Diabetuss information Diabetuss dextromethorphan information dextromethorphan
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate information Dihydroergotamine Mesylate dihydroergotamine information dihydroergotamine
Docusate Calcium information Docusate Calcium docusate information docusate
Docusate Sodium Casanthranol information Docusate Sodium-Casanthranol casanthranol docusate information casanthranol-docusate
EZChar information EZChar charcoal information charcoal
Emulsoil information Emulsoil castor oil information castor oil
Erythra Derm information Erythra-Derm erythromycin topical information erythromycin topical
Esmolol Hydrochloride information Esmolol Hydrochloride esmolol information esmolol
FIV ASA information FIV-ASA mesalamine information mesalamine
Fattibase Ointment information Fattibase Ointment emollients, topical information emollients, topical
Flavoxate Hydrochloride information Flavoxate Hydrochloride flavoxate information flavoxate
Folic Acid information Folic Acid folic acid information folic acid
Glutol information Glutol glucose information glucose
Glutose information Glutose glucose information glucose
Glycerin information Glycerin glycerin information glycerin
Hydrocortisone, Rectal information Hydrocortisone, Rectal hydrocortisone topical information hydrocortisone topical
Hydrocream information Hydrocream emollients, topical information emollients, topical
Ipecac Syrup information Ipecac Syrup ipecac information ipecac
Isoniazid information Isoniazid isoniazid information isoniazid
Isopropyl Alcohol information Isopropyl Alcohol isopropyl alcohol topical information isopropyl alcohol topical
Kaolin information Kaolin kaolin information kaolin
Kionex information Kionex sodium polystyrene sulfonate information sodium polystyrene sulfonate
Laclotion information Laclotion ammonium lactate topical information ammonium lactate topical
Lanolin information Lanolin lanolin topical information lanolin topical
Lidocaine Hydrochloride information Lidocaine Hydrochloride lidocaine information lidocaine
Menthol information Menthol menthol topical information menthol topical
Milk of Magnesia information Milk of Magnesia magnesium hydroxide information magnesium hydroxide
Mineral Oil information Mineral Oil mineral oil information mineral oil
Mineral Oil, Heavy information Mineral Oil, Heavy mineral oil information mineral oil
Norepinephrine Bitartrate information Norepinephrine Bitartrate norepinephrine information norepinephrine
Nystop information Nystop nystatin topical information nystatin topical
Phenadoz information Phenadoz promethazine information promethazine
Podocon 25 information Podocon-25 podophyllum resin topical information podophyllum resin topical
Podofilox Topical information Podofilox Topical podofilox topical information podofilox topical
Podophyllin information Podophyllin podophyllum resin topical information podophyllum resin topical
Polybase information Polybase emollients, topical information emollients, topical
Progesterone information Progesterone progesterone information progesterone
Promethazine Hydrochloride information Promethazine Hydrochloride promethazine information promethazine
Salicylic Acid information Salicylic Acid salicylic acid topical information salicylic acid topical
Sorbitol information Sorbitol sorbitol information sorbitol
Sulfur information Sulfur sulfur topical information sulfur topical
Trichloroacetic Acid information Trichloroacetic Acid trichloroacetic acid topical information trichloroacetic acid topical
Urea information Urea urea topical information urea topical
Viokase information Viokase pancrelipase information pancrelipase
Viokase 16 information Viokase 16 pancrelipase information pancrelipase
Zincate information Zincate zinc sulfate information zinc sulfate
Generic Drug Makers
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Drug Maker Pamlab LLC Drug Maker Palisades Pharmaceuticals Inc
Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse

Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse

Author: Gary England
Manufacturer: Blackwell Publishing Limited
Keywords: Gynecology
ISBN: 1405120959

Book description
Following on from the successful format of the previous editions, Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse 3e is a practical and user-friendly guide to equine reproduction. From explaining the anatomy of the mare's reproductive tract to detailing problems encountered during pregnancy, it covers all the major areas of concern as well as including the latest developments in diagnostic procedures and treatment techniques.- Fully updated to take into account new developments and research;- An ideal rapid reference for veterinary practitioners and veterinary students, as well as a crucial source of information and advice for those in the breeding business;- New material includes expanded sections on…
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