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Pfeiffer Pharmaceuticals Inc

Brand Name and Generic Drug Maker
Address: 71 University Avenue SW, PO Box 4447
City: Atlanta   State: GA   ZIP: 30315   Country: USA
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Brand-name drugs list from brand name and generic drug maker Pfeiffer Pharmaceuticals Inc
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Adprin B information Adprin Bacetaminophen information acetaminophen
Allermax information AllermaxdiphenhydrAMINE information diphenhydrAMINE
Ascarel information Ascarelpyrantel information pyrantel
Babee Cof information Babee Cofdextromethorphan information dextromethorphan
Babee Teething Lotion information Babee Teething Lotionbenzocaine topical information benzocaine topical
Bacitracin, Topical information Bacitracin, Topicalbacitracin topical information bacitracin topical
Baridium information Baridiumphenazopyridine information phenazopyridine
Boyol Salve information Boyol Salveichthammol topical information ichthammol topical
Dermamycin information Dermamycinerythromycin topical information erythromycin topical
Dermtex HC information Dermtex HChydrocortisone topical information hydrocortisone topical
Dri Ear information Dri-Earboric acid otic information boric acid otic
Duramist Plus information Duramist Plusoxymetazoline nasal information oxymetazoline nasal
Ibuprofen information Ibuprofenibuprofen information ibuprofen
Kaodene NN Suspension information Kaodene NN Suspensionkaolin pectin information kaolin-pectin
Koldets Cough Drops information Koldets Cough Dropsmenthol topical information menthol topical
Kolephrin information KolephrinAPAP chlorpheniramine pseudoephedrine information APAP/chlorpheniramine/pseudoephedrine
Kolephrin GG DM information Kolephrin GG/DMdextromethorphan guaifenesin information dextromethorphan-guaifenesin
Kophane information Kophanechlorpheniramine dextromethorphan PPA information chlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/PPA
Mollifene information Mollifenecarbamide peroxide otic information carbamide peroxide otic
Mycinette Sore Throat Spray information Mycinette Sore Throat Sprayphenol topical information phenol topical
Optigene 3 information Optigene 3tetrahydrozoline ophthalmic information tetrahydrozoline ophthalmic
Rid A Pain information Rid-A-Painbenzocaine topical information benzocaine topical
Sinapils information SinapilsAPAP caffeine chlorpheniramine PPA information APAP/caffeine/chlorpheniramine/PPA
Therapeutic Blue Ice information Therapeutic Blue Icemethyl salicylate topical information methyl salicylate topical
Tri Nefrin information Tri-Nefrinchlorpheniramine phenylpropanolamine information chlorpheniramine-phenylpropanolamine
Tricodene Forte information Tricodene Fortechlorpheniramine dextromethorphan PPA information chlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/PPA
Tricodene NN information Tricodene NNchlorpheniramine dextromethorphan PPA information chlorpheniramine/dextromethorphan/PPA
Tricodene Pediatric information Tricodene Pediatricdextromethorphan phenylpropanolamine information dextromethorphan-phenylpropanolamine
Tricodene Sugar Free information Tricodene Sugar Freechlorpheniramine dextromethorphan information chlorpheniramine-dextromethorphan
Triple Antibiotic information Triple Antibioticbacitracin neomycin polymyxin B topical information bacitracin/neomycin/polymyxin B topical
Twilite information TwilitediphenhydrAMINE information diphenhydrAMINE
Tycolene information Tycoleneacetaminophen information acetaminophen
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Conn's Biological Stains: A Handbook of Dyes, Stains and Fluorochromes for Use in Biology and Medicine

Conn's Biological Stains: A Handbook of Dyes, Stains and Fluorochromes for Use in Biology and Medicine

Author: R.w. Horobin
Manufacturer: BIOS Scientific Publ
Keywords: Biology
ISBN: 1859960995

Book description
This book is published on behalf of the Biological Stain Commission.For 75 years Conn's Biological Stains has been a standard reference for all those who used dyes and colorants in the biological and medical sciences. This long-awaited Tenth Edition appears 25 years after R.D. Lillie's Ninth Edition and has been completely rewritten to reflect the increase in range of uses. Although the staining of microscopical preparations continues to expand the uses of dyes and fluorochromes now extend far beyond this traditional application.This book provides the first critical overview of the whole range of low molecular weight fluorescent probes, outside the catalog literature. The first ten chapters…
Books of pharmacology: LIVZON PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP INC.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series), Preventing Medication Errors and Improving Drug Therapy Outcomes: A Management Systems Approach, Chitosan - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References, The Swallowing Manual

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