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Summers Laboratories Inc

Drug Supplier
Address: 103 G. P. Clement Drive
City: Collegeville   State: PA   ZIP: 19426   Country: USA
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Brand-name drugs list from drug supplier Summers Laboratories Inc
Brand Name DrugGeneric Drug Name
Cutar information Cutar coal tar topical information coal tar topical
Cutemol information Cutemol emollients, topical information emollients, topical
Keralyt information Keralyt salicylic acid topical information salicylic acid topical
Liquimat Light information Liquimat Light sulfur topical information sulfur topical
Liquimat Medium information Liquimat Medium sulfur topical information sulfur topical
Loroxide information Loroxide benzoyl peroxide topical information benzoyl peroxide topical
Rezamid information Rezamid sulfur topical information sulfur topical
Sebasorb information Sebasorb salicylic acid topical information salicylic acid topical
Tarsum information Tarsum coal tar salicylic acid topical information coal tar-salicylic acid topical
Triple Paste information Triple Paste zinc oxide topical information zinc oxide topical
Vanoxide HC information Vanoxide-HC benzoyl peroxide hydrocortisone topical information benzoyl peroxide-hydrocortisone topical
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The Nurturing Touch at Birth: A Labor Support Handbook

The Nurturing Touch at Birth: A Labor Support Handbook

Author: Paulina Perez
Manufacturer: Cutting Edge Press
Keywords: Gynecology
ISBN: 0964115980

Book description
The heart of this book centers around the supportive care given to the laboring mother and details the labor support techniques useful when caring for the laboring woman. The topics include let's talk about pain, trusting relationships, the value of education, communications skills and tools, relaxation, affirmation, visualization, touch and massage, aromatherapy, music therapy, visualization, breathing techniques, focusing, rituals, therapeutic use of water, reflexology, acupressure, reflexology, maternal positioning and other strategies and techniques like the birth ball, lunge, dangle, towel pull, pelvic circles and use of rebozo.

Book review: Excellent resource for labor
Paulina Perez's 2nd Edition of The Nurturing Touch at Birth, A Labor Support Handbook is a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to excel at providing labor support. After several background chapters… I absolutely loved this book! Paulina did a great job of presenting the information in a helpful, clear way that was nicely illustrated. My husband appreciated the photos as he doesn't read very much.
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