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Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

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generic adenosine information
Generic Drug: Adenosine
Brand Names: Adeno-jec, Adenocard, Adenoscan, Adenosine, Adenosine Phosphate, Adenosine-5, Adenosine-5-Triphosphate Disodium, My-O-Den

Active Ingredients: adenosine; adenosine phosphate; adenosine-5 monophosphate; adenosine-5-triphosphate disodium
Dose Form Descriptions: powder; solution
Route Descriptions: compounding, intravenous
Adenosine Strength Descriptions: 25 mg/ mL; 3 mg/ mL; monophosphate; triphosphate

Which us drug companies are producing Adenosine?
American Pharmaceutical Partners, Baxter Pharmaceutical Products, Inc, Bedford Laboratories, SICOR Pharmaceuticals Inc

Adenosine alternative information online
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
General rubric: Online nursing drug guide

What is Adenosine?
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generic allopurinol information

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generic pentoxifylline information
Generic Drug: Pentoxifylline
Brand Names: Pentopak, Pentoxifylline, Pentoxil, Trental

Active Ingredient: pentoxifylline
Dose Form Descriptions: powder; tablet, extended release
Route Descriptions: compounding, oral
Pentoxifylline Strength Description: 400 mg

Which top drug companies are producing Pentoxifylline?
Andrx Pharmaceuticals, Apotex Corporation, Copley Pharmaceutical Inc, Direct Dispensing Inc, Dixon-Shane Inc, ESI Lederle Generics, Global Pharmaceutical Corporation, Golden State Medical Supply, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, McKesson Packaging Inc, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pliva Inc, Purepac Pharmaceutical Company, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, UDL Laboratories Inc, Vangard Labs Inc

Pentoxifylline alternative information on-line
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is Pentoxifylline?
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generic acetaminophen phenylephrine information
Generic Drug: acetaminophen-phenylephrine
Brand Names: Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Sinus, Congespirin Aspirin Free, Sudafed PE Sinus Headache

Active Ingredients: acetaminophen; phenylephrine; phenylephrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: tablet; tablet, chewable; tablet, effervescent
Route Description: oral
Acetaminophen-phenylephrine Strength Descriptions: 250 mg-5 mg; 325 mg-5 mg; 80 mg-1.25 mg

acetaminophen-phenylephrine equivalent medicine on line
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What is acetaminophen-phenylephrine?
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generic potassium bicarbonate sodium bicarbonate information
Generic Drug: potassium bicarbonate-sodium bicarbonate
Brand Name: Alka-Seltzer Gold

Active Ingredients: citric acid; potassium bicarbonate; sodium bicarbonate
Dose Form Description: tablet, effervescent
Route Description: oral

potassium bicarbonate-sodium bicarbonate online health information and news
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is potassium bicarbonate-sodium bicarbonate?
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online isradipine info
Brand Names: Dynacirc, Dynacirc CR, Isradipine

Active Ingredient: isradipine
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; tablet, extended release
Route Description: oral
Isradipine Strength Descriptions: 10 mg; 2.5 mg; 5 mg

Which medication manufacturers are producing Isradipine?
Abrika Pharmaceuticals LLP

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Isradipine online
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What is Isradipine?
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online testosterone info
Brand Names: Andro LA 200, Andro-Cyp 100, Andro-Cyp 200, Androderm, AndroGel 1.25 g/ actuation, AndroGel 2.5 g/ packet, AndroGel 5 g/ packet, Delatest, Delatestryl, Depandro 100, Depo-Testosterone, Depotest, Duratest, Durathate 200, Everone, FIRST-Testosterone, FIRST-Testosterone MC, Histerone, Meditest, Striant, Testamone-100, Testim, Testoderm, Testolin, Testopel, Testosterone, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Testro, Testro AQ, Testro-L.A., Virilon IM

Active Ingredients: testosterone; testosterone (micronized); testosterone cypionate; testosterone enanthate; testosterone propionate
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; film; film, extended release; gel; implant; ointment; powder; solution
Route Descriptions: compounding, intramuscular, oral transmucosal, subcutaneous, transdermal
Testosterone Strength Descriptions: 1%; 100 mg/ mL; 2%; 2.5 mg/ 24 hr; 30 mg; 4 mg/ 24 hr; 5 mg/ 24 hours; 50 mg/ mL; 6 mg/ 24 hr; 75 mg; cypionate; cypionate 100 mg/ mL; cypionate 200 mg/ mL; enanthate 100 mg/ mL; enanthate 200 mg/ mL; micronized; propionate; propionate 100 mg/ mL; propionate micronized

Which drug research companies are producing Testosterone?
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Hyrex Pharmaceuticals, IVAX Corporation, Legere Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz Inc, Steris Laboratories Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Testosterone online
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What is Testosterone?
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online aspirin butalbital info
Brand Name: Axotal

Active Ingredients: aspirin; butalbital
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Aspirin-butalbital Strength Description: 650 mg-50 mg

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What is aspirin-butalbital?
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online paraaminobenzoic acid info
Brand Name: PABA

Active Ingredient: paraaminobenzoic acid
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Paraaminobenzoic acid Strength Descriptions: 100 mg; 30 mg; 500 mg

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What is paraaminobenzoic acid?
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online antivenin (Crotalidae) polyvalent info
Brand Names: Antivenin Polyvalent, Crofab

Active Ingredient: antivenin (crotalidae) polyvalent
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: injectable

Prescription, side effects, interactions for antivenin (Crotalidae) polyvalent online
A comprehensive index: Generic names for drugs

What is antivenin (Crotalidae) polyvalent?
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