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Generic cefonicid, nelfinavir, ephedrine nasal, pramoxine-zinc oxide topical, chloroxylenol-undecylenic acid topical, ramelteon, orphenadrine, calcium carbonate, fluocinonide topical, poliovirus vaccine, live, trivalent

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic cefazolin, nesiritide, doxercalciferol, oxychlorosene sodium topical, chlorpheniramine dihydrocodeine PE PPA Medical test: cefonicid, nelfinavir, ephedrine nasal, pramoxine zinc oxide topical, chloroxylenol undecylenic acid topical Generic cellulose, nefazodone, ethacrynic acid, reserpine trichlormethiazide, balsam Peru castor oil trypsin topical


generic cefonicid information
Generic Drug: cefonicid
Brand Name: Monocid

Active Ingredient: cefonicid sodium
Dose Form Description: powder for injection
Route Description: injectable
Cefonicid Strength Description: 1 g

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What is cefonicid?
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generic nelfinavir information
Generic Drug: nelfinavir
Brand Name: Viracept

Active Ingredient: nelfinavir
Dose Form Descriptions: powder for reconstitution; tablet
Route Description: oral
Nelfinavir Strength Descriptions: 250 mg; 50 mg/ g; 625 mg

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What is nelfinavir?
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generic ephedrine nasal information
Generic Drug: ephedrine nasal
Brand Name: Pretz-D

Active Ingredient: ephedrine sulfate
Dose Form Description: spray
Route Description: nasal
Ephedrine nasal Strength Description: 0.25%

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What is ephedrine nasal?
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generic pramoxine zinc oxide topical information
Generic Drug: pramoxine-zinc oxide topical
Brand Names: Anusol, Tucks Hemorrhoidal

Active Ingredients: pramoxine; zinc oxide
Dose Form Description: ointment
Route Description: topical
Pramoxine-zinc oxide topical Strength Description: 1%-12.5%

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What is pramoxine-zinc oxide topical?
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generic chloroxylenol undecylenic acid topical information
Generic Drug: chloroxylenol-undecylenic acid topical
Brand Name: Gordochom

Active Ingredients: chloroxylenol; undecylenic acid
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: topical
Chloroxylenol-undecylenic acid topical Strength Description: 3%-25%

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Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is chloroxylenol-undecylenic acid topical?
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online ramelteon info
Brand Name: Rozerem

Active Ingredient: ramelteon
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Ramelteon Strength Description: 8 mg

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online orphenadrine info
Brand Names: Antiflex, Banflex, Flexoject, Flexon, Mio-Rel, Myolin, Norflex, Norflex Injectable, Orfro, Orphenadrine Citrate, Orphenadrine Citrate Injectable, Orphenate

Active Ingredient: orphenadrine citrate
Dose Form Descriptions: powder; solution; tablet, extended release
Route Descriptions: compounding, injectable, oral
Orphenadrine Strength Descriptions: 100 mg; 30 mg/ mL

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online calcium carbonate info
Brand Names: Alka-Mints, Alkets, Alkums, Amilac, Amitone, Antacid (Calcium Carbonate), Antacid Extra Strength, Cal-Gest, Calcarb, Calci Mix, Calci-Chew, Calcitab, Calcium, Calcium 600, Calcium Antacid, Calcium Antacid Extra Strength, Calcium Antacid Ultra Strength, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate Light, Calcium Concentrate, Calcium Liquid Softgel, Calcium Oyster, Calcium Oyster Shell, Caltrate, Caltro, Chewable Calcium, Chooz, Dicarbosil, Equilet, Extra Strength Mylanta Calci Tabs, Icar Prenatal Chewable Calcium, Maalox Antacid Barrier, Maalox Quick Dissolve, Maalox Quick Dissolve Maximum Strength, Mylanta Child, Nephro Calci, Os-Cal 500, Oysco 500, Oyst Cal, Oyst Cal 500, Oyster, Oyster Cal, Oyster Cal 500, Oyster Calcium, Oyster Shell, Oyster Shell Calcium 500, Rolaids Sodium Free, Rolaids Soft Chew, Super Calcium, Surpass, Surpass Extra Strength, Titralac, Tums, Tums 500, Tums E-X, Tums Ultra, Ultra Mylanta Calci Tabs, Uni-Cal 500, Uni-Mint

Active Ingredients: calcium (as carbonate); calcium carbonate
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; gum; powder; suspension; tablet; tablet, chewable
Route Descriptions: compounding, oral
Calcium Carbonate Strength Descriptions: 1 g; 1.5 g; 1000 mg; 1177 mg; 1250 mg; 1250 mg/ 5 mL; 250 mg; 300 mg; 350 mg; 400 mg; 400 mg/ 5 mL; 420 mg; 450 mg; 500 mg; 550 mg; 600 mg; 650 mg; 750 mg; 850 mg; 900 mg

Which generic drug companies are producing Calcium Carbonate?
Advance Pharmaceuticals Inc, Generamed Inc, Interpharm Inc, Lilly, Eli and Company, Pharmacist's Choice, Watson Pharmaceuticals

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What is Calcium Carbonate?
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online fluocinonide topical info
Brand Names: Dermacin, Fluex, Fluocinonide, Fluocinonide-E, Licon, Lidex, Lidex-E, Vanos

Active Ingredient: fluocinonide
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; gel; ointment; powder; solution
Route Descriptions: compounding, topical
Fluocinonide topical Strength Descriptions: 0.05%; 0.1%

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What is fluocinonide topical?
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online poliovirus vaccine, live, trivalent info
Brand Name: Orimune

Active Ingredient: polio vaccine, oral live
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: oral

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A comprehensive index: Generic drug industry

What is poliovirus vaccine, live, trivalent?
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