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Generic chlorpheniramine/ hydrocodone/ PSE, gold sodium thiomalate, gentamicin topical, erythromycin, paclitaxel, carbinoxamine/ hydrocodone/ pseudoephedrine, cellulose sodium phosphate, chlorothiazide, estropipate, ramipril

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic chlorpheniramine methscopolamine, isosorbide mononitrate, hydroflumethiazide, dipyridamole, pancreatin Drug test: chlorpheniramine hydrocodone PSE, gold sodium thiomalate, gentamicin topical, erythromycin, paclitaxel Generic citric acid K citrate Na citrate, dyphylline guaifenesin, fat emulsion, oral, ethosuximide, omeprazole


generic chlorpheniramine hydrocodone PSE information
Generic Drug: chlorpheniramine/ hydrocodone/ PSE
Brand Names: A-G Tussin, Amtussin, Atuss HD, Chlorpheniramine/ Hydrocodone/ Pseudoephedrine, Cordron-HC, Cordron-HC NR, Hexatussin, Histinex PV, Hydrocof-HC, Hydron PCS, Hydrotuss HC, Hyphed, KG-Tussin, M-End, Notuss, P-V-Tussin Syrup, Pancof HC(obsolete), Pediatex HC, Q-V Tussin, Tussend, Tussin-V

Active Ingredients: chlorpheniramine maleate; hydrocodone bitartrate; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; liquid; tablet
Route Description: oral
Chlorpheniramine/ hydrocodone/ PSE Strength Descriptions: 2 mg-2.5 mg-15 mg/ 5 mL; 2 mg-2.5 mg-30 mg/ 5 mL; 2 mg-3 mg-15 mg/ 5 mL; 2 mg-5 mg-30 mg; 2 mg-5 mg-30 mg/ 5 mL; 2.5 mg-1.67 mg-17.5 mg/ 5 mL; 2.5 mg-1.67 mg-20 mg/ 5 mL; 4 mg-5 mg-60 mg

chlorpheniramine/ hydrocodone/ PSE alternative information online
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What is chlorpheniramine/ hydrocodone/ PSE?
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generic gold sodium thiomalate information
Generic Drug: Gold Sodium Thiomalate
Brand Names: Aurolate, Gold Sodium Thiomalate, Myochrysine

Active Ingredient: gold sodium thiomalate
Dose Form Description: suspension
Route Description: intramuscular
Gold Sodium Thiomalate Strength Description: 50 mg/ mL

Which generic drug makers are producing Gold Sodium Thiomalate?
Apotex Corporation, Insource Inc, Parenta Pharmaceuticals Inc, SAB-Pharma Inc, Taylor Pharmaceuticals

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What is Gold Sodium Thiomalate?
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generic gentamicin topical information
Generic Drug: gentamicin topical
Brand Names: Ed-Mycin, G-Myticin, Garamycin Topical, Gentamicin Sulfate, Topical

Active Ingredient: gentamicin sulfate
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; ointment
Route Description: topical
Gentamicin topical Strength Description: 0.1%

gentamicin topical alternative information on-line
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What is gentamicin topical?
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generic erythromycin information
Generic Drug: Erythromycin
Brand Names: E-Mycin, E.E.S. Granules, E.E.S.-200, E.E.S.-400, E.E.S.-400 Filmtab, Ery-Tab, Eryc, EryPed, Eryped 200, Eryped 400, Erythro-Rx, Erythrocin Lactobionate, Erythrocin Stearate Filmtab, Erythrocot, Erythromycin, Erythromycin Base, Erythromycin Estolate, Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate, Erythromycin Lactobionate, Erythromycin Stearate, Erythromycin, Suspension, Ilosone, Ilotycin Gluceptate, MY-E, PCE Dispertab, Robimycin

Active Ingredients: erythromycin; erythromycin estolate; erythromycin ethylsuccinate; erythromycin gluceptate; erythromycin lactobionate; erythromycin stearate
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; delayed release capsule; enteric coated tablet; granule for reconstitution; powder; powder for injection; suspension; tablet; tablet, chewable; tablet, coated particles
Route Descriptions: compounding, injectable, oral
Erythromycin Strength Descriptions: 250 mg; 333 mg; 500 mg; estolate 125 mg/ 5 mL; estolate 250 mg; estolate 250 mg/ 5 mL; estolate 500 mg; ethylsuccinate; ethylsuccinate 100 mg/ 2.5 mL; ethylsuccinate 200 mg; ethylsuccinate 200 mg/ 5 mL; ethylsuccinate 400 mg; ethylsuccinate 400 mg/ 5 mL; gluceptate 1 g; lactobionate 1 g; lactobionate 500 mg; stearate; stearate 250 mg; stearate 500 mg

Which drug manufacturers are producing Erythromycin?
Medisca Inc

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What is Erythromycin?
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generic paclitaxel information
Generic Drug: Paclitaxel
Brand Names: Onxol, Paclitaxel, Taxol

Active Ingredient: paclitaxel
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: intravenous
Paclitaxel Strength Description: 6 mg/ mL

Which american drug companies are producing Paclitaxel?
Bedford Laboratories, Mayne Pharma Inc, UDL Laboratories Inc

Paclitaxel online health information and news
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What is Paclitaxel?
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online carbinoxamine hydrocodone pseudoephedrine info
Brand Names: Carbinoximine/ Hydrocodone/ Pseudoephedrine, Histex HC, Tri-Vent HC

Active Ingredients: carbinoxamine maleate; hydrocodone bitartrate; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: oral
Carbinoxamine/ hydrocodone/ pseudoephedrine Strength Descriptions: 2 mg-2.5 mg-30 mg/ 5 mL; 2 mg-5 mg-30 mg/ 5 mL

Prescription, side effects, interactions for carbinoxamine/ hydrocodone/ pseudoephedrine online
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What is carbinoxamine/ hydrocodone/ pseudoephedrine?
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online cellulose sodium phosphate info
Brand Name: Calcibind

Active Ingredient: cellulose sodium phosphate
Dose Form Description: powder for reconstitution
Route Description: oral

Prescription, side effects, interactions for cellulose sodium phosphate online
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What is cellulose sodium phosphate?
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online chlorothiazide info
Brand Names: Chlorothiazide, Diuril, Diuril Sodium

Active Ingredients: chlorothiazide; chlorothiazide sodium
Dose Form Descriptions: powder for injection; suspension; tablet
Route Descriptions: intravenous, oral
Chlorothiazide Strength Descriptions: 0.5 g; 250 mg; 250 mg/ 5 mL; 500 mg

Which drug corporations are producing Chlorothiazide?
Aligen Independent Laboratories Inc, CMC-Consolidated Midland Corporation, Endo Laboratories LLC, Genetco Inc, Interstate Drug Exchange Inc, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, Moore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc, Raway Pharmacal Inc, UDL Laboratories Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Vangard Labs Inc, Watson Pharmaceuticals, West Point Pharma, West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corporation

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Chlorothiazide online

What is Chlorothiazide?
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online estropipate info
Brand Names: Estropipate, Ogen 0.625, Ogen 1.25, Ogen 2.5, Ortho-Est

Active Ingredient: estropipate
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Estropipate Strength Descriptions: 0.75 mg; 1.5 mg; 3 mg

Which drug corporations are producing Estropipate?
Aligen Independent Laboratories Inc, Barr Laboratories Inc, Caremark Inc, IVAX Corporation, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pharma Pac, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sandoz Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Warner Chilcott Laboratories, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Estropipate online
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What is Estropipate?
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online ramipril info
Brand Name: Altace

Active Ingredient: ramipril
Dose Form Description: capsule
Route Description: oral
Ramipril Strength Descriptions: 1.25 mg; 10 mg; 2.5 mg; 5 mg

Prescription, side effects, interactions for ramipril online
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What is ramipril?
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consumer drug reference ramipril brand name for ramipril, generic ramipril drug, generic ramipril online pharmacy, ramipril on line information

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