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Generic etodolac, chloroquine, nitroglycerin, iron protein succinylate, balsam Peru/ benzyl benzoate/ bismuth/ Zn oxide, diclofenac, pancuronium, denileukin diftitox, chondroitin-glucosamine, dexamethasone-neomycin topical

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic diazepam, clindamycin, metronidazole, hydroxyquinoline topical, belladonna caffeine ergotamine pentobarbital Medical test: etodolac, chloroquine, nitroglycerin, iron protein succinylate, balsam Peru benzyl benzoate bismuth Zn oxide Generic fentanyl, cephalothin, pentobarbital, isoflurophate ophthalmic, AlOH diphenhyd lidocaine MgOH simeth topical


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generic chloroquine information
Generic Drug: chloroquine
Brand Names: Aralen Hydrochloride, Aralen Phosphate, Chloroquine Phosphate

Active Ingredients: chloroquine hydrochloride; chloroquine phosphate
Dose Form Descriptions: powder; solution; tablet
Route Descriptions: compounding, injectable, oral
Chloroquine Strength Descriptions: 250 mg; 50 mg/ mL; 500 mg

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What is chloroquine?
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generic nitroglycerin information
Generic Drug: Nitroglycerin
Brand Names: Deponit, Minitran, Nitrek, Nitro TD Patch-A, Nitro-Bid, Nitro-Bid IV, Nitro-Dur, Nitro-Par, Nitro-Time, Nitrocot, Nitrodisc, Nitrogard, Nitroglycerin, Nitroglycerin ER, Nitroglycerin Patch, Nitroglycerin Transdermal System, Nitroglyn E-R, Nitrol, Nitrol Appli-Kit, Nitrolingual, Nitrong, Nitroquick, Nitrostat, Transderm-Nitro, Tridil

Active Ingredients: dextrose; nitroglycerin
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule, extended release; film, extended release; ointment; solution; spray; tablet; tablet, extended release
Route Descriptions: intravenous, oral, oral transmucosal, sublingual, topical, transdermal
Nitroglycerin Strength Descriptions: 0.1 mg/ hr; 0.2 mg/ hr; 0.3 mg; 0.3 mg/ hr; 0.4 mg; 0.4 mg/ hr; 0.6 mg; 0.6 mg/ hr; 0.8 mg/ hr; 1 mg; 2 mg; 2%; 2.5 mg; 2.6 mg; 3 mg; 5 mg/ mL; 5%-10 mg/ 100 mL; 5%-20 mg/ 100 mL; 5%-40 mg/ 100 mL; 6.5 mg; 9 mg

Which drug suppliers are producing Nitroglycerin?
Abbott Pharmaceutical, Baxter I.V. Systems Division, Hospira Inc

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generic iron protein succinylate information
Generic Drug: iron protein succinylate
Brand Name: Ferretts IPS

Active Ingredient: iron (as iron protein succinylate)
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: oral
Iron protein succinylate Strength Description: 40 mg/ 15 mL

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generic balsam Peru benzyl benzoate bismuth Zn oxide information
Generic Drug: balsam Peru/ benzyl benzoate/ bismuth/ Zn oxide
Brand Names: Anuprep, Anusol (Obsolete Formulation)

Active Ingredient: emollients
Dose Form Description: suppository
Route Description: rectal

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What is balsam Peru/ benzyl benzoate/ bismuth/ Zn oxide?
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online diclofenac info
Brand Names: Cataflam, Diclofenac Potassium, Diclofenac Sodium, Diclofenac Sodium XR, Voltaren, Voltaren-XR

Active Ingredients: diclofenac potassium; diclofenac sodium
Dose Form Descriptions: enteric coated tablet; powder; tablet; tablet, extended release
Route Descriptions: compounding, oral
Diclofenac Strength Descriptions: potassium 50 mg; sodium; sodium 100 mg; sodium 25 mg; sodium 50 mg; sodium 75 mg

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online pancuronium info
Brand Names: Pancuronium Bromide, Pavulon

Active Ingredient: pancuronium bromide
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: intravenous
Pancuronium Strength Descriptions: 1 mg/ mL; 2 mg/ mL

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online denileukin diftitox info
Brand Name: Ontak

Active Ingredient: denileukin diftitox
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: intravenous
Denileukin diftitox Strength Description: 150 mcg/ mL

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What is denileukin diftitox?
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online chondroitin glucosamine info
Brand Names: Chondroitin-Glucosamine, Cosamin DS, Osteo Bi-Flex, Osteo Bi-Flex Double Strength, Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength, Schiff Move Free, Schiff Move Free Caplets

Active Ingredients: ascorbic acid and minerals; chondroitin; chondroitin sulfate; glucosamine; glucosamine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; tablet
Route Description: oral
Chondroitin-Glucosamine Strength Descriptions: 200 mg-250 mg; 400 mg-500 mg; with Ascorbic Acid and Minerals

Which american drug companies are producing Chondroitin-Glucosamine?
IVAX Corporation, Magno-Humphries Inc, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, Marlex Pharmaceuticals, NuCare Pharmaceuticals Inc, Pharma Pac

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What is Chondroitin-Glucosamine?
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online dexamethasone neomycin topical info
Brand Name: Neo-Decadron Cream

Active Ingredients: dexamethasone sodium phosphate; neomycin base (as neomycin sulfate)
Dose Form Description: cream
Route Description: topical
Dexamethasone-neomycin topical Strength Description: 1 mg-3.5 mg/ g

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What is dexamethasone-neomycin topical?
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