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Generic FaBB, Parcopa, Histalet, Di-Gel Mint, Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough, Ancobon, Singlet, Rosula NS, Tylenol PM, Lazersporin-C

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic FA 8, Pardryl, Histafed, Desihist SA, Fletchers Child Laxative Cherry Pharmaceutical testing: FaBB, Parcopa, Histalet, Di Gel Mint, Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough Generic Fera, Paramol, Histatan, Diabetic DM, Dianeal PD 2 with 1.5% Dextrose


generic FaBB information
Brand Name: FaBB
Generic Drug: Multivitamin

Active Ingredients: folic acid; vitamin B complex
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
FaBB Strength Description: Vitamin B Complex with Folic Acid

Which drug manufacturing companies are producing FaBB?
Midlothian Laboratories LLC

FaBB alternative information online
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What is FaBB?
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generic Parcopa information
Brand Name: Parcopa
Generic Drug: Carbidopa-Levodopa

Active Ingredients: carbidopa; levodopa
Dose Form Description: tablet, disintegrating
Route Description: oral
Parcopa Strength Descriptions: 10 mg-100 mg; 25 mg-100 mg; 25 mg-250 mg

Which drug suppliers are producing Parcopa?
Schwarz Pharma

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What is Parcopa?
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generic Histalet information
Brand Name: Histalet
Generic Drug: Chlorpheniramine-Pseudoephedrine

Active Ingredients: chlorpheniramine maleate; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: syrup
Route Description: oral
Histalet Strength Description: 3 mg-45 mg/ 5 mL

Which drug suppliers are producing Histalet?
Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc

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What is Histalet?
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generic Di Gel Mint information
Brand Name: Di-Gel Mint
Drug form: Di-Gel Lemon
Generic Drug: Ca carbonate/ Mg hydroxide/ simethicone

Active Ingredients: calcium carbonate; magnesium hydroxide; simethicone
Dose Form Description: tablet, chewable
Route Description: oral
Di-Gel Mint Strength Description: 280 mg-128 mg-20 mg

Which drug suppliers are producing Di-Gel Mint?
Schering-Plough Healthcare Products

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What is Di-Gel Mint?
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generic Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough information
Brand Name: Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough
Generic Drug: dextromethorphan-pseudoephedrine

Active Ingredients: dextromethorphan hydrobromide; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: oral
Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough Strength Description: 2.5 mg-7.5 mg/ mL

Which drug corporations are producing Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough?
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough online health information and news
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is Dimetapp Decongestant and Cough?
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online Ancobon info
Generic Drug: flucytosine

Active Ingredient: flucytosine
Dose Form Description: capsule
Route Description: oral
Ancobon Strength Descriptions: 250 mg; 500 mg

Which drug treatment providers are producing Ancobon?
ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc, Roche Laboratories

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What is Ancobon?
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online Singlet info
Generic Drug: APAP/ chlorpheniramine/ pseudoephedrine

Active Ingredients: acetaminophen; chlorpheniramine maleate; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Singlet Strength Description: 650 mg-4 mg-60 mg

Which drug development companies are producing Singlet?

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What is Singlet?
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online Rosula NS info
Generic Drug: sulfacetamide sodium-urea topical

Active Ingredients: sulfacetamide sodium; urea
Dose Form Description: pad
Route Description: topical
Rosula NS Strength Description: 10%-10%

Which drug delivery companies are producing Rosula NS?
Doak Dermatologics Division

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What is Rosula NS?
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online Tylenol PM info
Brand Name: Tylenol PM
Drug form: Tylenol Sore Throat Nighttime
Generic Drug: acetaminophen-diphenhydramine

Active Ingredients: acetaminophen; diphenhydramine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: oral
Tylenol PM Strength Description: 1000 mg-50 mg/ 30 mL

Which pharmaceuticals companies are producing Tylenol PM?
Johnson and Johnson/ Merck Consumer

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What is Tylenol PM?
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online Lazersporin C info
Generic Drug: hydrocortisone/ neomycin/ polymyxin B otic

Active Ingredients: hydrocortisone; neomycin base (as neomycin sulfate); polymyxin B sulfate
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: otic
Lazersporin-C Strength Description: 1%-0.35%-10000 units/ mL

Which generic drug makers are producing Lazersporin-C?
Pedinol Pharmacal Inc

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What is Lazersporin-C?
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