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Generic Gynogen LA 20, Vagistat-1, Sea-Clens, SenoSol, APAP-PM, Soothe-It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad, Demerol HCl, Hexadrol, Pavacot, Exna

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic Guiatussin DM, Valrelease, Seasonale, Senolax, Apatate Drug testing: Gynogen LA 20, Vagistat 1, Sea Clens, SenoSol, APAP PM Generic H C Tussive D, Uritact DS, Sclromate, Serutan, Anzemet


generic Gynogen LA 20 information
Brand Name: Gynogen LA 20
Generic Drug: Estradiol

Active Ingredient: estradiol valerate
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: intramuscular
Gynogen LA 20 Strength Description: valerate 20 mg/ mL

Which drug research companies are producing Gynogen LA 20?
Forest Pharmaceuticals

Gynogen LA 20 alternative information online
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is Gynogen LA 20?
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generic Vagistat 1 information
Brand Name: Vagistat-1
Generic Drug: tioconazole topical

Active Ingredient: tioconazole
Dose Form Description: ointment w/ applicator
Route Description: vaginal
Vagistat-1 Strength Description: 6.5%

Which generic drug companies are producing Vagistat-1?
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Vagistat-1 alternative website reference
Medication Guide & Drug Finder
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What is Vagistat-1?
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generic Sea Clens information
Brand Name: Sea-Clens
Generic Drug: emollients, topical

Active Ingredient: cleansers
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: topical

Which pharmaceutical drug companies are producing Sea-Clens?
Coloplast Inc

Sea-Clens alternative information on-line
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is Sea-Clens?
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generic SenoSol information
Brand Name: SenoSol
Generic Drug: Senna

Active Ingredient: sennosides
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
SenoSol Strength Description: 8.6 mg

Which drug corporations are producing SenoSol?
Western Research Laboratories

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Medication Guide & Drug Finder

What is SenoSol?
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generic APAP PM information
Brand Name: APAP-PM
Generic Drug: acetaminophen-diphenhydramine

Active Ingredients: acetaminophen; diphenhydramine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
APAP-PM Strength Description: 500 mg-25 mg

Which drug corporations are producing APAP-PM?
Watson Pharmaceuticals

APAP-PM online health information and news
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
Go to reference list: Drug reference for dermatologist

What is APAP-PM?
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online Soothe It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad info
Generic Drug: pramoxine topical

Active Ingredients: glycerin; pramoxine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: pad
Route Description: topical
Soothe-It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad Strength Description: 12%-1%

Which us drug companies are producing Soothe-It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad?
Health Care Products

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What is Soothe-It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad?
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online Demerol HCl info
Generic Drug: meperidine

Active Ingredient: meperidine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: solution; syrup; tablet
Route Descriptions: injectable, oral
Demerol HCl Strength Descriptions: 100 mg; 100 mg/ mL; 25 mg/ mL; 50 mg; 50 mg/ 5 mL; 50 mg/ mL; 75 mg/ mL

Which drug suppliers are producing Demerol HCl?
Abbott Pharmaceutical, Hospira Inc, Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc

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What is Demerol HCl?
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online Hexadrol info
Generic Drug: Dexamethasone

Active Ingredient: dexamethasone
Dose Form Descriptions: elixir; tablet
Route Description: oral
Hexadrol Strength Descriptions: 0.5 mg/ 5 mL; 4 mg

Which drug makers are producing Hexadrol?
Organon Pharmaceuticals

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What is Hexadrol?
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online Pavacot info
Generic Drug: papaverine

Active Ingredient: papaverine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: capsule, extended release
Route Description: oral
Pavacot Strength Description: 150 mg

Which medication suppliers are producing Pavacot?
Truxton Company Inc

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What is Pavacot?
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online Exna info
Generic Drug: benzthiazide

Active Ingredient: benzthiazide
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Exna Strength Description: 50 mg

Which drug discovery companies are producing Exna?
ESI Lederle Generics

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Exna online
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What is Exna?
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