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Generic mazindol, meprobamate, phenylephrine, resorcinol-sulfur topical, sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic, zidovudine, azithromycin, mometasone topical, amphotericin B topical, APAP/ guaifenesin/ pseudoephedrine

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic losartan, methenamine, penicillamine, pyrimethamine sulfadoxine, bacitracin neomycin polymyxin B ophthalmic Medical test: mazindol, meprobamate, phenylephrine, resorcinol sulfur topical, sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic Generic miglitol, mebendazole, physostigmine, amitriptyline perphenazine, salicylic acid sodium thiosulfate topical


generic mazindol information
Generic Drug: mazindol
Brand Names: Mazanor, Sanorex

Active Ingredient: mazindol
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Mazindol Strength Descriptions: 1 mg; 2 mg

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Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is mazindol?
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generic meprobamate information
Generic Drug: Meprobamate
Brand Names: Equanil, MB-TAB, Meprobamate, Miltown

Active Ingredient: meprobamate
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Meprobamate Strength Descriptions: 200 mg; 400 mg; 600 mg

Which drug corporations are producing Meprobamate?
Aligen Independent Laboratories Inc, Circle Pharmaceuticals Inc, Eon Labs Manufacturing Inc, Global Pharmaceutical Corporation, Interstate Drug Exchange Inc, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, Moore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Vangard Labs Inc, Watson Pharmaceuticals

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What is Meprobamate?
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generic phenylephrine information
Generic Drug: phenylephrine
Brand Names: Ah-Chew D, Despec-SF, Lusonal, Nasop, Neo-Synephrine, Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, Sudafed PE, Sudogest PE

Active Ingredient: phenylephrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: liquid; powder; solution; tablet; tablet, chewable; tablet, disintegrating
Route Descriptions: compounding, injectable, oral
Phenylephrine Strength Descriptions: 10 mg; 10 mg/ mL; 5 mg/ 5 mL; 7.5 mg/ 5 mL

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Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is phenylephrine?
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generic resorcinol sulfur topical information
Generic Drug: resorcinol-sulfur topical
Brand Names: Acnomel, Bensulfoid

Active Ingredients: resorcinol; sulfur
Dose Form Description: cream
Route Description: topical
Resorcinol-sulfur topical Strength Description: 2%-8%

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What is resorcinol-sulfur topical?
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generic sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic information
Generic Drug: sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic
Brand Name: Viscoat

Active Ingredients: sodium chondroitin sulfate; sodium hyaluronate
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: intraocular
Sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic Strength Description: 40 mg-30 mg/ mL

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What is sodium hyaluronate chondroitin ophthalmic?
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online zidovudine info
Brand Names: Retrovir, Zidovudine

Active Ingredient: zidovudine
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; solution; syrup; tablet
Route Descriptions: intravenous, oral
Zidovudine Strength Descriptions: 10 mg/ mL; 100 mg; 300 mg; 50 mg/ 5 mL

Which drug development companies are producing Zidovudine?
Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Roxane Laboratories Inc, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA

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What is Zidovudine?
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online azithromycin info
Brand Names: Azithromycin, Zithromax, Zithromax IV, Zithromax TRI-PAK, Zithromax Z-Pak, Zmax

Active Ingredient: azithromycin
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; powder for injection; powder for reconstitution; powder for reconstitution, extended release; tablet
Route Descriptions: intravenous, oral
Azithromycin Strength Descriptions: 1 g; 100 mg/ 5 mL; 2 g; 200 mg/ 5 mL; 250 mg; 500 mg; 600 mg

Which medication suppliers are producing Azithromycin?
Greenstone Limited, Pharma Pac, Pliva Inc, Sandoz Inc, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA

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online mometasone topical info
Brand Names: Elocon, Mometasone Furoate

Active Ingredient: mometasone furoate
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; lotion; ointment
Route Description: topical
Mometasone topical Strength Description: 0.1%

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What is mometasone topical?
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online amphotericin B topical info
Brand Names: Fungizone Cream, Fungizone Lotion

Active Ingredient: amphotericin B
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; lotion
Route Description: topical
Amphotericin B topical Strength Description: 3%

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What is amphotericin B topical?
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online APAP guaifenesin pseudoephedrine info
Brand Name: Tylenol Sinus Severe Congestion

Active Ingredients: acetaminophen; guaifenesin; pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
APAP/ guaifenesin/ pseudoephedrine Strength Description: 325 mg-200 mg-30 mg

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What is APAP/ guaifenesin/ pseudoephedrine?
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