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Generic multivitamin with minerals information

Active ingredients, dose form descriptions, route description, multivitamin with minerals strength descriptions

  generic multivitamin with iron and fluoride information generic multivitamin with minerals information generic multivitamin, prenatal information  

Generic Drug: multivitamin with minerals
Brand Names: ABC to Z, Adeks, Antioxid Caplets, Antioxidant Formula, Apatate Forte, Avail Calcium Intensive, B-Plex Plus Minerals, Bacmin, Becomax Rx, Bee-Zee, Beelith, Berocca Plus, Berplex Plus, Betamed, Bugs Bunny Complete, Calafol Rx, Calcet Plus, CalciFol, Calcium and Magnesium, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, Caltrate Plus, Caromega, Centavite, Central, Central-Vite, Centrum, Centrum Jr, Centrum Jr with Extra C, Centrum Jr with Extra Calcium, Centrum Silver, Centrum Singles, Century, Century-Vite, Centvites, Cerovite Advanced Formula, Cerovite Junior, Cerovite Liquid, Cerovite Senior, Certa-Vite, Certagen, Certagen Senior, Certagen Senior with Lutein, Certagen with Lutein, Certavite, Cezin-S, CF Vite, Circavite T, Citracal Plus with Magnesium, Compete, Complete A-Z, Complete Multivtamins, Daily Combo, Daily Multi-Vitamins with Minerals, Daily Vites with Calcium and Iron, Decagen, DermaVite, Diabevite, Dialyvite 3000, Dialyvite 800 with Zinc, Dialyvite 800 with Zinc 15, Dialyvite with Zinc Rx, Diatx Zn, Diavite Plus, Disney Winnie the Pooh Complete, Disney Winnie the Pooh Gummies, Disney Winnie the Pooh with Extra C, Dolomite, Eldercaps, Eldertonic, Ellis Tonic Sherry, Embrex 600, Encora, Femtabs, Ferrex PC, Flintstones Complete, Flintstones with Calcium, Folgard OS, Folpace Rx, Formula B Plus, Formula Twenty-One, Fosfree, Garfield Complete Vitamins, Generix-T, Geri-Tonic, Gerimed Vitamins and Minerals, Geritol Complete, Geritol Extend, Gerivite Liquid, Gevrabon, Gevratonic, Glutofac-MX, Glutofac-ZX, Gold Age Liquid Vitamins and Minerals, Gynovite, Hair Booster, Hematinic Plus, Hemax, High Potency, I-Sense, I-Sense OccuShield, I-Vite, ICaps AREDS, ICaps MV, ICaps Plus, Icaps TR, ICaps with Lutein and Zeaxan, L-Tonic, M-Vit, Mag-SR with Calcium, Magna-C-7 Forte, MagneBind 400 Rx, Mediplex Ultra, Mens Pack, Mi-C-T, Morplex Plus, Multi-Day with Calcium and Extra Iron, Multilex, Multilex-T/ M+Minerals, Multivitamin-Minerals, My-A-Multi, Myadec, Myvitalife, Nicomide, Nu-Iron V, O-CAL F.A., Occuplex, Ocuvite, Ocuvite Extra, Ocuvite Lutein, Ocuvite PreserVision, One Daily with Minerals, One Tab Daily with Iron and Calcium, One Tab Daily with Minerals, One-A-Day Max, One-A-Day Women, Opti-Gen, Optilets-M-500, Optivite P.M.T., Os-Cal Forte, Os-Cal Ultra, PMS Balance, Procycle Multi Vitamin with Minerals, Prosight, Protegra Softgel, Renax, Renax 5.5, Resource Optisource, Ru-Lets M 500, Senetonic, Sesame St. Vitamins Complete, Siderol, SSS, Stress 600 with Zinc, Stress Formula with Zinc, StressTabs with Zinc, Strovite, Strovite Advance, Strovite Forte, Strovite Plus, Super High Vitamins and Minerals, Support, Support 500, Surbex-750 with Zinc, T-Gran plus Minerals, T-Lite, Tab-A-Vite Maximum, Tab-A-Vite WeightSlim, Tab-A-Vite Womens Formula, Thera Hematinic, Thera M, Thera-M, Thera-Vite M, Theracon Forte, Theragener-H, Theragener-M, Theragran-M, Therapeutic Vitamins and Minerals, Therapeutic Vitamins with Minerals, Therapeutic-M, Theravim M, Therems M, Therobec Plus, Udamin, Udamin SP, Uni-Fac ZX, Uni-Rex 600, Uni-Thera M with Beta Carotene, Unicap M, Unicap Senior, Unicap T, Unicomplex M, V-C Forte, VG capsules, Vi-Zac, Viactiv Multi-Vitamin, Viactiv Soft Calcium Chews, Vica-Forte, Vicap Forte, Vicon Forte, Vicon Plus, Vicon-C, Vigortol Liquid, Viogen-C, Vita Forte, Vita S Forte, Vita Zx, Vita-Dec, Vita-Min Rx, Vita-Zinc, Vitacon Forte, Vitafol, Vitalize Plus, Vitamin and Mineral Supplement, Vitamin B Complex with Minerals, Vitaplex Plus, Womens Pack, Z-Bec, Z-Gen, ZE-Plus, Zinc with Vitamin C, Zincvit, Zodeac-100

Active Ingredients: antioxidant vitamins with minerals; boron; calcium; calcium carbonate; copper; essential fatty acids; folic acid; magnesium; magnesium oxide; magnesium sulfate; manganese; multiple vitamins; multiple vitamins with minerals; pyridoxine hydrochloride; vitamin B complex with C and zinc; vitamin C; vitamin D; vitamin D3; vitamin E (as tocopherol acetate); vitamin K1; zinc
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; kit; liquid; lozenge; tablet; tablet, chewable; tablet, extended release; wafer
Route Description: oral
Multivitamin with minerals Strength Descriptions: Antioxidant Multiple Vitamins and Minerals; Calcium and Magnesium; Calcium with Vitamin D and K; Calcium, Folic Acid and Magnesium; Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc; Magnesium Oxide and Pyridoxine; Multiple Vitamins with Minerals; Multiple Vitamins with Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids; Multiple Vitamins with Zinc; Therapeutic Multiple Vitamins with Minerals; Vitamin B Complex with C and Minerals; Vitamin B Complex with C and Zinc; Vitamin B Complex with C, Folic Acid and Zinc; Vitamin C with Zinc; Vitamin D with Minerals

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Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications, Second Edition,

Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications, Second Edition,

Author: Cooney
Manufacturer: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: Activated Charcoal
ISBN: 0824793005

Book description
Highlighting activated charcoal's great effectiveness in treating drug overdoses and poisonings in both humans and animals, this comprehensive, single-source reference brings together vital information from every significant study on the use of activated charcoal for medical purposes-describing all available charcoal products and their characteristics. Details activated charcoal's ability to reduce the systemic absorption of a vast array of drugs, chemicals, and biochemical substances-including analgesics, antipyretics, sedatives, alkaloids, snake venoms, and bacterial and fungal toxins.

Book review: Super natural remedy
This book is a gold mine of clinical research and practical applications of medicinal charcoal. There is the technical information on the known physics of charcoal and how it is made. The book focuses…
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