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Generic Myfedrine information

Active ingredient, dose form description, route description, myfedrine strength description

  generic mycostatin topical information generic myfedrine information generic mygel ii information  

Brand Name: Myfedrine
Generic Drug: pseudoephedrine

Active Ingredient: pseudoephedrine hydrochloride
Dose Form Description: liquid
Route Description: oral
Myfedrine Strength Description: 30 mg/ 5 mL

Which drug manufacturing companies are producing Myfedrine?
Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Inc

Myfedrine alternative information online
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
Medication Guide & Drug Finder
General rubric: Drug side effects

What is Myfedrine?
Search for Myfedrine at

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Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology

Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology

Manufacturer: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Keywords: Medical test
ISBN: 0397514034

Book description
This complete review of gastrointestinal pathophysiology provides the basis for understanding common gastrointestinal diagnostics and therapeutics. Clinical problems are used to emphasize the relation of pathophysiologic concepts to clinical medicine. Major sections of the book cover dysphagia and non-cardiac chest pain; nausea and vomiting; malabsorption; diarrhea; jaundice and abnormal liver chemistries; pancreatitis; hormonal disorders; peptic ulcer disease; gastrointestinal neoplasia; gastrointestinal bleeding; and hypotension.

Book review: Complete, some chapters thin
Overall, this is a very useful review for medical students. The book is organized nicely, and covers all of the major gastrointestinal disease. The book also contains case presentations, which make…
Drug reference books: Handbook of Gynecologic Oncology, 2nd edition, A primate model of the cognitive effects of electroconvulsive shock (ECS) and magnetic seizure therapy (MST), Topical Corticosteroid Therapy: A Novel Approach to Safer Drugs, Langstaff: A Nineteenth-Century Medical Life, When Someone You Love has AIDS (Dell Caregiving Guide)

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