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Generic yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic, peginterferon alfa-2b, benzocaine topical, progesterone, isradipine, influenza virus vaccine, live, trivalent, alendronate-cholecalciferol, tripelennamine, valrubicin, captopril

Active ingredients, dose form & route descriptions. Which companies are producing?

Generic tetrahydrozoline zinc ophthalmic, pemirolast ophthalmic, boric acid topical, prednisoLONE, ketoprofen Drug test: yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic, peginterferon alfa 2b, benzocaine topical, progesterone, isradipine Generic acetic acid aluminum acetate otic, peginterferon alfa 2a, atropine difenoxin, testosterone, iodoquinol


generic yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic information
Generic Drug: yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic
Brand Names: Mercuric Oxide, Stye

Active Ingredients: mercuric oxide (A.C.S., Reagent); mercuric oxide (purified)
Dose Form Descriptions: ointment; powder
Route Descriptions: compounding, ophthalmic
Yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic Strength Descriptions: 1%; reagent grade

yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic alternative information online
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is yellow mercuric oxide ophthalmic?
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generic peginterferon alfa 2b information
Generic Drug: peginterferon alfa-2b
Brand Names: PEG-Intron, PEG-Intron Redipen

Active Ingredient: peginterferon alfa-2b
Dose Form Description: powder for injection
Route Description: subcutaneous
Peginterferon alfa-2b Strength Descriptions: 120 mcg; 150 mcg; 50 mcg; 80 mcg

peginterferon alfa-2b alternative website reference
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What is peginterferon alfa-2b?
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generic benzocaine topical information
Generic Drug: benzocaine topical
Brand Names: Americaine, Americaine Anesthetic Lubricant, Americaine Hemorrhoidal, Anacaine, Anbesol Baby, Anbesol Cold Sore, Anbesol Gel, Anbesol Liquid, Anbesol Liquid Cool Mint, Anbesol Maximum Strength, Babee Teething Lotion, Benz-O-Sthetic, Benzocaine, Bicozene, Cepacol Extra Strength Cherry, Cepacol Extra Strength Cherry Sugar Free, Cepacol Extra Strength Citrus, Cepacol Extra Strength Menthol Sugar Free, Cepacol Maximum Strength Honey Lemon, Cepacol Maximum Strength Menthol, Chigger-Tox, Chiggerex, Chloraseptic, Dermoplast, Dermoplast Antibacterial, Detane, Foille Plus, Hem-Prep, Hurricaine, Hurricaine Kit, Isodettes, Lanacane, Lanacane with Aloe, Maintain, Medicone, Mosco Nail A Cain, Num-Zit, Numzident, Orabase Baby Teething Gel, Orabase Lip Healer, Orabase with Benzocaine, Orajel, Orajel Baby, Orajel Baby Nighttime, Orajel D, Orajel Denture, Orajel Maximum Strength, Orajel Maximum Strength PM, Orajel Mouth-Aid, Outgro Pain Relief, Retre-Gel, Rid-A-Pain, Skeeter Stik, Solarcaine Aerosol, Solarcaine Plus Aloe, Spec-T, Sting-Kill, Topex, Vagisil Feminine Cream, Zilactin-B

Active Ingredients: benzocaine; benzyl benzoate; camphor; menthol
Dose Form Descriptions: cream; gel; liquid; lotion; lozenge; ointment; paste; powder; spray; stick; suppository; swab
Route Descriptions: compounding, mucous membrane, oral, rectal, topical
Benzocaine topical Strength Descriptions: 10 mg; 10%; 15%; 18.9%; 20%; 5%; 6 mg; 6%; 7.5%; with camphor and menthol

benzocaine topical alternative information on-line
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
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What is benzocaine topical?
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generic progesterone information
Generic Drug: Progesterone
Brand Names: Crinone, First Progesterone MC10, First Progesterone MC5, FIRST-Progesterone VGS 100, FIRST-Progesterone VGS 200, FIRST-Progesterone VGS 50, Prochieve, Progest, Progesterone, Progesterone Wettable, Prometrium

Active Ingredients: progesterone; progesterone, micronized
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; cream; gel; powder; solution; suppository
Route Descriptions: compounding, intramuscular, oral, topical, vaginal
Progesterone Strength Descriptions: 10%; 100 mg; 200 mg; 4%; 5%; 50 mg; 50 mg/ mL; 8%

Which drug corporations are producing Progesterone?
American Pharmaceutical Partners, CMC-Consolidated Midland Corporation, Hyrex Pharmaceuticals, IVAX Corporation, Interstate Drug Exchange Inc, Keene Pharmaceuticals Inc, Legere Pharmaceuticals, Lilly, Eli and Company, McGuff Pharmaceuticals Inc, Moore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc, Paddock Laboratories Inc, Pasadena Research Laboratories Inc, Physicians Total Care, Primedics Laboratories, Roberts/ Hauck Pharmaceutical Corporation, Steris Laboratories Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Progesterone equivalent medicine on line
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What is Progesterone?
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generic isradipine information
Generic Drug: Isradipine
Brand Names: Dynacirc, Dynacirc CR, Isradipine

Active Ingredient: isradipine
Dose Form Descriptions: capsule; tablet, extended release
Route Description: oral
Isradipine Strength Descriptions: 10 mg; 2.5 mg; 5 mg

Which medication manufacturers are producing Isradipine?
Abrika Pharmaceuticals LLP

Isradipine online health information and news
Prescription, Side Effects, Interactions
Learn more about: Drug users guide

What is Isradipine?
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online influenza virus vaccine, live, trivalent info
Brand Name: FluMist

Active Ingredient: influenza virus vaccine, live
Dose Form Description: spray
Route Description: nasal

Prescription, side effects, interactions for influenza virus vaccine, live, trivalent online
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What is influenza virus vaccine, live, trivalent?
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online alendronate cholecalciferol info
Brand Name: Fosamax Plus D

Active Ingredients: alendronate; cholecalciferol
Dose Form Description: tablet
Route Description: oral
Alendronate-cholecalciferol Strength Description: 70 mg-2800 intl units

Prescription, side effects, interactions for alendronate-cholecalciferol online
Get information about: Nurses drug reference

What is alendronate-cholecalciferol?
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online tripelennamine info
Brand Names: PBZ, PBZ-SR, Tripelennamine

Active Ingredient: tripelennamine hydrochloride
Dose Form Descriptions: tablet; tablet, extended release
Route Description: oral
Tripelennamine Strength Descriptions: 100 mg; 25 mg; 50 mg

Which medication manufacturers are producing Tripelennamine?
CMC-Consolidated Midland Corporation, Global Pharmaceutical Corporation, Interstate Drug Exchange Inc, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, Watson Pharmaceuticals

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Tripelennamine online
Resources for research: Medical drug reference

What is Tripelennamine?
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online valrubicin info
Brand Name: Valstar

Active Ingredient: valrubicin
Dose Form Description: solution
Route Description: irrigation
Valrubicin Strength Description: 40 mg/ mL

Prescription, side effects, interactions for valrubicin online
Desk reference web site providing: Generic drug search

What is valrubicin?
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online captopril info
Brand Names: Capoten, Captopril

Active Ingredient: captopril
Dose Form Descriptions: powder; tablet
Route Descriptions: compounding, oral
Captopril Strength Descriptions: 100 mg; 12.5 mg; 25 mg; 50 mg

Which generic drug companies are producing Captopril?
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Apothecon Inc, Barr Laboratories Inc, Boscogen Inc, Copley Pharmaceutical Inc, Direct Dispensing Inc, DispenseXpress Inc, ESI Lederle Generics, Endo Laboratories LLC, Eon Labs Manufacturing Inc, Golden State Medical Supply, IVAX Corporation, Major Pharmaceuticals Inc, Martec Pharmaceuticals Inc, Mason Distributors Inc, McKesson Packaging Inc, Medirex Inc, Moore, H.L. Drug Exchange Inc, Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc, Novation, Novopharm USA Inc, PD-RX Pharmaceuticals, Par Pharmaceutical Inc, Physicians Total Care, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc, Royce Laboratories Inc, Sandoz Inc, Stada Pharmaceuticals Inc, Stason Pharmaceuticals Inc, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, UDL Laboratories Inc, United Research Laboratories/ Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Vangard Labs Inc, Warner Chilcott Laboratories, Warrick Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Watson Pharmaceuticals, West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corporation, Wockhardt USA Inc

Prescription, side effects, interactions for Captopril online
A comprehensive index: Drug reference for clinical pharmacologist

What is Captopril?
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