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81 results were found for the drug reference software.
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An Atlas of Human Gametes and Conceptuses: An Illustrated Reference for Assisted Reproductive Technology (The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series)

An Atlas of Human Gametes and Conceptuses: An Illustrated Reference for Assisted Reproductive Technology (The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series)

Manufacturer: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: Gynecology, reference software
ISBN: 1850700168

Book description
Replacing and superseding all other works in this area, Dr. Lucinda L. Veeck's An Atlas of Human Gametes and Conceptuses is the only book now in print that shows the typical and atypical morphology of human oocytes, sperm, and preembryos collected and cultured during the course of in vitro fertilization treatment. Brilliantly illustrated with hundreds of original photographs in color as well as black and white, the book also details and fully illustrates specific new reproductive technologies and provides the reader with both a glossary and a concise history of in vitro fertilization.

Book review: The Embryologist's Bible!
Lucinda Veeck has again provided the embryologist with a magnificent collection of photographs depicting every possible scenario faced within the in vitro fertilization laboratory. From oocyte to…
Pharmacist books: Pulmonary Pathophysiology: The Essentials (Pulmonary Pathophysiology (West)), Celebrex: Cox-2 Inhibitors-the Amazing New Pain Fighters, Clinical Handbook for Pediatric Nursing, Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cytokines (Progress in Leukocyte Biology)

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