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Generic Drug Equivalents

index KA-KD
generic K 10 information K-10
generic Kaopectate Child (obsolete) information Kaopectate Child (obsolete)
generic K 8 information K-8
generic Kaopectate Extra Strength information Kaopectate Extra Strength
generic Kabikinase information Kabikinase
generic Kaopectate (obsolete) information Kaopectate (obsolete)
generic Kadian information Kadian
generic Kaopek information Kaopek
50 results were found for the generic drug equivalents.
generic Kaletra information Kaletra
generic Kao Pulgite information Kao-Pulgite
generic Kalmz information Kalmz
generic Kao Spen information Kao-Spen
generic kanamycin information kanamycin
generic Kao Tin information Kao-Tin
generic Kanamycin Sulfate information Kanamycin Sulfate
generic Kao Tin Bismuth Subsalicylate Formula information Kao-Tin Bismuth Subsalicylate Formula
generic Kantrex information Kantrex
generic Ka Pec information Ka-Pec
generic Kaochlor information Kaochlor
generic Kapectolin information Kapectolin
generic Kaochlor S F information Kaochlor S-F
generic Kapectolin (New Formula) information Kapectolin (New Formula)
generic Kaodene NN Suspension information Kaodene NN Suspension
generic Ka Pek information Ka-Pek
generic Kao Lectrolyte information Kao Lectrolyte
generic Karidium information Karidium
generic Kaolectrolyte information Kaolectrolyte
generic Kariva information Kariva
generic Kaolin information Kaolin
generic Kasof information Kasof
generic Kaolin Pectin information Kaolin-Pectin
generic Kato information Kato
generic Kaon information Kaon
generic Kay Ciel information Kay Ciel
generic Kaon CI information Kaon-CI
generic Kayexalate information Kayexalate
generic Kaon CL 10 information Kaon-CL 10
generic K+Care information K+Care
generic Kaon CL 20% information Kaon-CL 20%
generic K+Care ET information K+Care ET
generic Kao Paverin information Kao-Paverin
generic KCl 20 information KCl-20
generic Kaopectate information Kaopectate
generic KCl 40 information KCl-40
generic Kaopectate Advanced Formula (obsolete) information Kaopectate Advanced Formula (obsolete)
generic K C Suspension information K-C Suspension
generic Kaopectate Anti Diarrheal Upset Stomach Reliever information Kaopectate Anti-Diarrheal Upset Stomach Reliever
generic K Dur 10 information K-Dur 10
generic Kaopectate Caplet information Kaopectate Caplet
generic K Dur 20 information K-Dur 20

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Bioprocess Engineering Principles

Bioprocess Engineering Principles

Author: Pauline M. Doran
Manufacturer: Academic Press
Keywords: Biology, generic equivalents
ISBN: 0122208560

Book description
The emergence and refinement of techniques in molecular biology has changed our perceptions of medicine, agriculture, and environmental management. Scientific breakthroughs in gene expression, protein engineering, and cell fusion are being translated by a strengthening biotechnology industry into revolutionary new products and services. Many a student has been enticed by the promise of biotechnology and the excitement of being near the cutting edge of scientific advancement. However, graduates trained in molecular biology and cell manipulation soon realize that these techniques are only part of the picture. Reaping the full benefits of biotechnology requires manufacturing capability…

Book review: "Biochemical Engineering" for biology students
This is a comprehensive textbook on biochemical engineering suitable for students with only elementary knowledge of mathematics and engineering. It covers all the main aspects of the field but with… This is one of a better intro textbook for people interested in Bioprocess Engineering. It covers a lot of engineering fundamentals such as Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, etc. However, it is lack of…
Pharmacy reference books: 21st Century Complete Medical Guide to Addison┐s Disease, Hypocortisolism, Adrenal Gland Insufficiency, ACTH Test, Authoritative CDC, NIH, and FDA Documents, Clinical References, and Practical Information for Patients and Physicians (CD-ROM), Drugs During Pregnancy and Lactation, Young Men on Fire: A Novel, Molecular Biology of Parasitic Protozoa (Frontiers)

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