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Generic Drug Names

index DA-DC
generic Dacarbazine information Dacarbazine
generic Dandruff N D information Dandruff N-D
generic Dacarbazine Novaplus information Dacarbazine Novaplus
generic Danocrine information Danocrine
generic Dacex A information Dacex-A
generic Dantrium information Dantrium
generic Dacex DM information Dacex-DM
generic Dantrium Intravenous information Dantrium Intravenous
88 results were found for the generic drug names.
generic Dacex PE information Dacex-PE
generic dantrolene information dantrolene
generic D.A. Chewable information D.A. Chewable
generic Dantrolene Sodium information Dantrolene Sodium
generic daclizumab information daclizumab
generic dapiprazole ophthalmic information dapiprazole ophthalmic
generic Dacriose information Dacriose
generic Dapsone information Dapsone
generic dactinomycin information dactinomycin
generic Daptacel information Daptacel
generic D.A. II information D.A. II
generic daptomycin information daptomycin
generic Daily Combo information Daily Combo
generic Daranide information Daranide
generic Daily Hist information Daily Hist
generic Daraprim information Daraprim
generic Dailyhist information Dailyhist
generic darbepoetin alfa information darbepoetin alfa
generic Dailyhist 1 information Dailyhist-1
generic darifenacin information darifenacin
generic Dailyhist D information Dailyhist-D
generic Darvocet A500 information Darvocet A500
generic Daily Multiple Vitamins information Daily Multiple Vitamins
generic Darvocet N 100 information Darvocet-N 100
generic Daily Multivitamins with Iron information Daily Multivitamins with Iron
generic Darvocet N 50 information Darvocet-N 50
generic Daily Multi Vitamins with Minerals information Daily Multi-Vitamins with Minerals
generic Darvon information Darvon
generic Daily Vitamins with Iron information Daily Vitamins with Iron
generic Darvon Compound 32 information Darvon Compound 32
generic Daily Vite information Daily Vite
generic Darvon Compound 65 information Darvon Compound-65
generic Daily Vites with Calcium and Iron information Daily Vites with Calcium and Iron
generic Darvon N information Darvon-N
generic Dairy Ease information Dairy Ease
generic DAUNOrubicin information DAUNOrubicin
generic Dakins Solution information Dakins Solution
generic DAUNOrubicin Hydrochloride information DAUNOrubicin Hydrochloride
generic Dalalone information Dalalone
generic DAUNOrubicin Hydrochloride Novaplus information DAUNOrubicin Hydrochloride Novaplus
generic Dalalone D.P. information Dalalone D.P.
generic DAUNOrubicin liposomal information DAUNOrubicin liposomal
generic Dalalone L.A. information Dalalone L.A.
generic Daunoxome information Daunoxome
generic dalfopristin quinupristin information dalfopristin-quinupristin
generic Dayalets information Dayalets
generic Dalgan information Dalgan
generic Dayalets Plus Iron information Dayalets Plus Iron
generic Dallergy information Dallergy
generic Dayhist D information Dayhist-D
generic Dallergy Drops information Dallergy Drops
generic Daypro information Daypro
generic Dallergy ER information Dallergy ER
generic DayQuil information DayQuil
generic Dallergy JR information Dallergy JR
generic Dayquil Allergy information Dayquil Allergy
generic Dallergy SR information Dallergy SR
generic Dayquil Liquicaps information Dayquil Liquicaps
generic Dallergy Syrup information Dallergy Syrup
generic Dayquil Liquicaps (obsolete) information Dayquil Liquicaps (obsolete)
generic Dalmane information Dalmane
generic Dayquil Pressure and Pain Caplet information Dayquil Pressure and Pain Caplet
generic dalteparin information dalteparin
generic Dayquil Sinus Pressure and Congestion information Dayquil Sinus Pressure and Congestion
generic Damason P information Damason-P
generic Day Time information Day Time
generic D Amine SR information D-Amine-SR
generic Daytime information Daytime
generic danaparoid information danaparoid
generic Daytime Liquicap information Daytime Liquicap
generic Danazol information Danazol
generic Day Time Multi Symptom information Day Time Multi Symptom
generic Dandrex information Dandrex
generic Daytime Non Drowsy information Daytime Non-Drowsy
generic Dandruff information Dandruff
generic Dayto Himbin information Dayto-Himbin
generic Dandruff Control information Dandruff Control
generic DC 240 information DC-240
generic Dandruff F O information Dandruff F-O
generic D Caine information D-Caine

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The Contraceptive Revolution: An Era of Scientific and Social Development

The Contraceptive Revolution: An Era of Scientific and Social Development

Author: E. Diczfalusy
Manufacturer: Informa Healthcare
Keywords: Gynecology, generic names
ISBN: 1850707480

Book description
This is a book of readings from the scientific and medical literature on "the contraceptive revolution." It contains the full text of 17 of Egon Diczfalusy's previously published papers with a brief introduction for each. These are presented in chronological sequence, beginning with Reproductive Endocrinology and the Merry Post-War Period (1978) to From Mankind to Humankind: Reproductive Health and Gender Equity (1995). Collectively, these articles provide a unique review of contraceptive science and practice by an eminent reproductive endocrinologist.
Drug development books: Drugs, Society and Human Behavior with PowerWeb: Drugs and HealthQuest 3.0, Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle, Genitourinary Radiology: Radiology Requisites Series, Molecular Biology of the Myocardium

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