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Generic Drug Search

index VA1
generic Vagifem information Vagifem
generic Vandazole information Vandazole
generic Vaginex information Vaginex
generic Vanex Expectorant information Vanex Expectorant
generic Vaginex Powder information Vaginex Powder
generic Vanex Forte information Vanex Forte
generic Vagisil Feminine Cream information Vagisil Feminine Cream
generic Vanex Forte D information Vanex Forte-D
90 results were found for the generic drug search.
generic Vagistat 1 information Vagistat-1
generic Vanex Forte R information Vanex Forte-R
generic valacyclovir information valacyclovir
generic Vanex Grape information Vanex Grape
generic Valcyte information Valcyte
generic Vanex HD information Vanex-HD
generic valdecoxib information valdecoxib
generic Vanex LA information Vanex-LA
generic Valergen information Valergen
generic Vanicream information Vanicream
generic Valertest No. 1 information Valertest No. 1
generic Vanicream Lite information Vanicream Lite
generic valganciclovir information valganciclovir
generic Vaniqa information Vaniqa
generic Valisone information Valisone
generic Vanos information Vanos
generic Valium information Valium
generic Vanoxide information Vanoxide
generic Valomag information Valomag
generic Vanoxide HC information Vanoxide-HC
generic Valorin Extra information Valorin Extra
generic Vanquish information Vanquish
generic Valproic Acid information Valproic Acid
generic Vansil information Vansil
generic Valrelease information Valrelease
generic Vantas information Vantas
generic valrubicin information valrubicin
generic Vantin information Vantin
generic valsartan information valsartan
generic Vaporizing Cold Rub information Vaporizing Cold Rub
generic Valstar information Valstar
generic Vaporub information Vaporub
generic Valtrex information Valtrex
generic Vaqta information Vaqta
generic Valu Dryl information Valu-Dryl
generic Vaqta Pediatric information Vaqta Pediatric
generic Valu Dryl Topical information Valu-Dryl Topical
generic vardenafil information vardenafil
generic Valu Foam information Valu-Foam
generic varicella virus vaccine information varicella virus vaccine
generic Valumag Plus information Valumag Plus
generic Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin information Varicella Zoster Immune Globulin
generic Valuphed information Valuphed
generic Varivax information Varivax
generic Valuphed with Actamine information Valuphed with Actamine
generic Vascor information Vascor
generic Valu Tapp SR information Valu-Tapp SR
generic Vaseline information Vaseline
generic Vanacet information Vanacet
generic Vaseline Dermatology Formula information Vaseline Dermatology Formula
generic Vanacon information Vanacon
generic Vaseline Intensive Care information Vaseline Intensive Care
generic Vanadom information Vanadom
generic Vaseretic 10 25 information Vaseretic 10-25
generic Vanamide information Vanamide
generic Vaseretic 5 12.5 information Vaseretic 5-12.5
generic Vanatrip information Vanatrip
generic Vasocidin information Vasocidin
generic Vancenase information Vancenase
generic VasoClear information VasoClear
generic Vancenase AQ information Vancenase AQ
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generic Vancenase AQ DS information Vancenase AQ DS
generic Vasocon information Vasocon
generic Vanceril information Vanceril
generic Vasocon A information Vasocon-A
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generic Vasosulf information Vasosulf
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generic Vasotate information Vasotate
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generic vancomycin information vancomycin
generic Vasotec information Vasotec
generic Vancomycin Hydrochloride information Vancomycin Hydrochloride
generic Vasoxyl information Vasoxyl
generic Vancomycin Hydrochloride Novaplus information Vancomycin Hydrochloride Novaplus
generic VaZol information VaZol

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Lange Flash Cards: Pharmacology (Lange Flash Cards)

Lange Flash Cards: Pharmacology (Lange Flash Cards)

Authors: Suzanne Baron, Christoph Lee
Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Medical
Keywords: Nursing, generic search
ISBN: 0071453652

Book description
Lange Flash Cards: Pharmacology covers all major pharmacologic agents through a succinct and thorough presentation of each prototypical drug and key characteristics. The cards focus on the most high-yield drugs and examine the associated biochemistry, physiology, and microbiology in relation to the mechanisms of action of each drug. Clinical pharmacology is one of the most-tested subjects on Step 1, comprising approximately 15-20% of all questions…

Book review: Great review tool
These cards are excellent for reviewing clinical use of various drugs, and they're also good for boards prep. You can use the clinical scenarios on the front for practical-application knowledge, and… These are great. The clinical presentations are not as useful in pharm as in other areas (like micro) but I still find them exceptionally helpful in drug associations. Lane Pharm cards + FA (and HY…
Pharmacology review books: EMT-Intermediate: Pretest Self-Assessment and Review, Sturdevant's Art and Science of Operative Dentistry, Chirality in Drug Research (Methods and Principles in Medicinal Chemistry), Pseudomonas: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (F E M S Symposium)

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